Why Using the Video Poker Auto Hold is Recommended

Why Using the Video Poker Auto Hold is Recommended

Staff Writer
February 28, 2017

When playing casino games such as video poker you will find that all of your playing decisions on the first stage of the game can often affect your winning chances on the second stage of the game, and as such it is a semi skill based game.

You will first need to decide at what stake levels you wish to play any video poker games for and will then have to decide whether to play one to five coins on each hand. By playing five coins per hand you will often benefit from an enhanced payout for the top paying hand combination, so the best and most strategic way to play video poker games is by playing five coin hands at all time.

However, if you are fairly new to play these types of gaming machines then you will need to know which of the first five cards to hold when they have been dealt out to you, and with there being so many different possible hand combinations that could take years to learn!

Most video poker games come with an auto hold option setting, and by flipping it on when your first five cards are dealt out to you the game automatically holds the best cards on that hand, so you will not have to know basic playing strategy and simply click onto the deal button and the discarded cards will be replaced.

So the top tip for anyone wishing to play video poker game is to always play maximum coin hands whilst also ensuring that the auto hold option setting is turned on and activated at all times. As by doing so you will have the best chances of winning on every single hand you play off!

What Video Poker Games to Play

It is the pay tables attached to video poker games you can play in any playing environment that will determine just how high paying that game is going to be, and even though two games could have the same name at different casino sites the pay tables could be different one those games.

You will need to track down and play only those video poker games that have the highest paying pay tables attached to them as by doing so you will get a higher payback and a higher payout percentage over your long term play on those games.

To determine which video poker games are going to be the very best ones to play simply find out what the payout percentages are on each variant you come across. The best paying one currently that is available at many different casino sets is the All Aces variant which when playing optimally returns a long term expected payout percentage of 99.92%!

Are Progressive Video Poker Games Worth Playing?

If you are the type of player who is always looking for casino games to play that give you the chance of winning much more than standard casino games you may be wondering whether you can play progressive video poker games online.

Well, you will find a handful of progressive video poker games at many different casino sites however there are a couple of things you will need to be aware of if you do ever set about playing such games.

Firstly, progressive video poker game variants often come with fixed coin values and as such you will not usually be able to play them for different coin value settings, also to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot attached to such games you will also be required to play for the maximum number of coins each game has on offer, so over time they can be quite expensive games to play!

Video Poker Games Bonuses and Promotions

One final aspect of becoming a real money online video poker player that may be of interest to you is that there can often be quite a number of different bonus offers and video poker related promotional offers being offered by the casino sites you have chosen to sign up to and play at.

However, due to the simple fact that video poker games in general have some very, very high payout percentages you will find if you are able to claim any bonuses to play those types of games with the play through requirements attached to the bonuses will be very high.

Those often very high play through requirements can negate the benefit of claiming those bonuses, so in most instances you will be much better off playing with your own funds and not claiming any bonuses as you will be able to cash out when you like and play in any way you like too and will never be forced to have to achieve the play through requirements when playing with your own funds before you can cash any winnings out!




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