How to Configure Your Mobile for Casino Game Playing

How to Configure Your Mobile for Casino Game Playing

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Updated December 14, 2021

How to Configure Your Mobile for Casino Game Playing

Configuring any device can sometimes seem a daunting task, especially when you don’t have the knowledge of how to configure such a device. That’s where we come in. For anything, be it banking, gaming, surfing or simply messaging using services like Whatsapp, your device does really need to be set up and prepared for the task it is going to be performing.

Setting up your device to play mobile casino games is pretty simple. Firstly, ensure that you have all of your software up to date, and this includes your Android OS, iOS or Windows OS. This can be done by entering the settings menu and telling your device to check for updates. Usually this is an automatic software update that takes in the region of 5 minutes to do.

Next you need to check your security, if you’re going to be playing casino games on your device, as you will be transmitting sensitive data like your bank details, so they need to be well encrypted. Decent security software isn’t expensive, and a lot of companies do deals such as free mobile security with any purchase of PC or Mac security.

The added layer of protection will ensure that you run a very low risk of ever having your mobile device hacked or infected with any viruses. What further makes internet security a good idea is that most of them also come with options such as being able to lockdown your device if it ever falls into the wrong hands, and if you have a shared device, can be used to ensure certain apps are unavailable unless you enter the correct PIN.

Installing a Mobile Casino App

When you get to installing your casino app, be sure to have plenty of space on your device, as some of the games, especially the slots can have sizes of over 100mb! Once the app is installed, launch it and start to download the games you want to play. This is a useful format, because there is no point in have a load of games you either don’t like or don’t play taking up precious hard disk space that would be better used having music or photos on it!

When you have completed your collection of games, be sure to sign out of the app, turn your device off, and turn it back on. This will essentially delete everything in the Cache from the download and install, making for a more stable playing experience, also what’s the point in having your device have a sieve through a load of essentially dead data to get to the bits you want?!

Upon rebooting, your device will be ready for anything you throw at it, including slots, cards or roulette. Simply load the app and either sign up, or sign in. If you already have an online account with the casino, simply use your own credentials, though if you have to sign up, this is a quick and easy process. Simply fill out the online forms, select your sign up bonus if this is applicable and within minutes you’ll be ready to hit the casino’s (virtual) floor.

A lot of people complain of mobile casinos being less secure than their internet counterparts. This is the oldest wives tale in the book. I’m surprised it doesn’t pre date mobile phones themselves! The common misconception is that due to it being a device is mobile, it’s not safe, where in actual fact they’re just as secure as any computer. All data sent and received is encrypted so even the best hacker would have no use for any data they managed to get hold of. The beauty of using an added layer of protection is that you’ll be able to more freely play around with your device safe in the knowledge that there is not a cat in hells chance of your data being compromised. The data you transmit to any casino from your mobile device is encrypted as standard, however, with internet security installed as well, you’ll be encrypting encrypted data, making the data so tightly packed and so elaborately defragmented that it can’t be read or understood until it reaches and is received by its rightful recipient.

Every now and again, you’ll possibly find that your device runs at the pace of a snail being led to a French Restaurant, this is mainly due to the fact your device has RAM (random access memory), which is used to essentially make your phone run. When this memory is clogging up, it is time to ditch the dead wood and start closing down some apps that are running in the background for no reason.

Simply enter your task manager in the settings menu, and select RAM. Tap the Clear RAM button, and watch as your device miraculously goes from the Tortoise to the Hare in one simple step. We do recommend you do this before you start gaming online, as we know that long sessions can require quite a lot of resources other than battery life and a decent internet connection. If you find you’ve somehow corrupted your casino app, don’t despair, simply uninstall it and re-download the app from the same source.


Every now and again, things do go belly up, and apps are no exception. Just because you’ve got a dud file download doesn’t mean it is a bad download, it just means that your device got a bit confused and either downloaded the same fragment twice, or didn’t download a fragment of the file.

You really are going to have plenty of fun playing any type of casino game on a mobile as there are mobile slot games, card and table games and plenty of other games including mobile video poker games and progressive jackpot casino games on offer.



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