How easy is it to Play Casino Games on a Mobile Device?

How easy is it to Play Casino Games on a Mobile Device?

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January 27, 2014

Is playing casino games on mobile easy

Mobile phones and mobile tablet devices were the number one gift received over the Christmas period and if you have been given such a device and are looking to play casino games on it then it is not going to be as complicated as you may first think to do just that.

Today we are going to give you a run through on just how easy it is to play casino games on any mobile device, obviously there are lots of different types of these devices available, however we have made our easy to follow guide as straight forward as is possible to follow and understand and no matter what type of mobile device you own you should soon be able to get online!

How to Play Casino Games on a Mobile Device

If like us you got a Tablet or Mobile Device for Christmas, you’ll be still working out its individual quirks. For the most part I’ll be using the Android interface as the example for this. However, for you diehard Apple fans I will chuck in the occasional reference.

The devices that are able, and most willing to power up online casino’s and their games is ever growing, ever changing and for all intents and purposes, unlimited. As long as your device is able to connect to the internet via a SIM card or wirelessly through a router you should be fine.

Firstly, we need to talk protection from viruses, malware, adware and any other nasties that appear on the web. You may not have thought about it, but your mobile device needs some kind of protection. Now we’re not talking putting it in a protective cage, even though it could be quite an amusing concept, but Antivirus and Internet Security. These little bits of software are essentially the hypothetical condom which will keep your device free from the nasties that the Internet is full of.

So, get yourself over to the likes of Kaspersky, AVG, Norton or whichever protection company you prefer. Most of them do free services, however, if you are using your device more intensely, for example, and you do all your banking, shopping, casual social media, email and gaming on it, you may want to go for a paid option.

Safety First

Once you’ve got your protection, head to your favorite casino site, download their app and away you go! You will then have at your fingertips every type of game you can imagine, from the slots to the card games, the roulette games to the craps games. They are all there for the taking. Of course, you won’t be downloading all the games, only the ones you wish to play. This does help keep used space down. Simply tap on the game and it will download the files required.

When you are using one of the Apple devices, be that an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone, the process is pretty simple, however, your device may automatically block the process for the casino app. This is mainly due to the fact that security on Apple products is nearly air tight. You occasionally find that you can’t install the app, if so enter your setting menu, and allow 3rd party installs. The same goes for Android, but as standard, it’s a little less restrictive.

Once you have installed and either signed up or logged in to your casino account on your mobile device, I have one very strong word of warning. Play first in the free play mode! Obviously there’s nothing better than winning real cash, but before you start gambling with your real, hard earned money, play at least one of each game for a few minutes in the free play mode. This will allow you to get to grips with not only your device and the App, but how the two interact with each other. If you’re using an iPad, but have been using a Kindle in the past, you’ll notice stark differences in the way the two process commands behind the scenes.

Get Familiar with Mobile Interface

Buttons will be in different places, the sensitivity will be different etc. The last thing you want is to lose a bundle because you accidentally hit the bet max button when you really wanted to press the lower wager button. Remember, you’re playing at a casino, they are designed to make the owner money, and they aren’t going to reimburse you for your own playing errors!

Once you’ve got to grips with the casino app, and you are comfortable, by all means play for real cash, simply head to the menu, tap the game you wish to play, and allow it to install. This is a onetime installation, and only takes a few minutes, whether you’re playing craps, blackjack or roulette.

Play Anytime and From Anywhere

Once the installation is completed, you’ll be able to play pretty much anywhere, anytime. The layout of the games is generally identical to the online look and feel of them, with everything in the same spot, if on a slightly scaled down version, however, be aware that due to the reduced size, it may sometimes be a good idea to take 10 minutes off if you’re having a long session. The last thing we want is for you to have cramp in your hand!

Before placing any bets when you’re playing, be sure to open the game rules, up the stakes and lower them. Although this may sound a little bit anal, it will ensure that your device is working correctly and that the screen hasn’t lost any sensitivity.

If you do have an issue with the App, exit, reinstall and try again. Sometimes it’s just a glitch in the process. However, upon reinstalling, if your device still doesn’t like it, there may be a compatibility issue, which your should contact customer services about, or there may be a slight issue with your device, which you should send off to the maker for repair.


It really is child’s play to get your mobile device to work with any of the casino apps or mobile casino sites that are now available. Should you find you are having any difficulties then the websites of all of our featured mobile casino sites will offer a complete step by step guide, or you can always contact the mobile casinos’ customer support teams who are knowledgeable and very helpful and will soon have you up and running!



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