How Often Should I Practice Playing Blackjack Games?

How Often Should I Practice Playing Blackjack Games?

Staff Writer
June 21, 2017

There are a few casino games that have an element of skill about them two of which include Video Poker games and also Blackjack games, and due to the fact that the way you play each game can have a direct effect on your winning chances, you should always try and learn each game and variant optimally before playing for real money.

What you should therefore be looking to do initially if you are a Blackjack player in particular, is finding out just which Blackjack game variants have the very lowest of house edges when they are played perfectly, as you will have more chances of winning more or losing less over the long term when playing those games.

Once you have found the variants that do come with the lowest possible house edges you should then spend as much time as you require playing them for free until you have mastered playing off each possible hand when faced with any Dealers hand.

The easiest way to do that however is by getting yourself a Blackjack Strategy card which will show you how to play off every single hand you could be dealt out perfectly!

Never Place the Insurance Side Bet

When the Dealer has been dealt out an Ace no matter what hand you have been dealt out you will be offered something known as the Insurance side bet wager, and that bet is going to cost you half of the amount you placed on your base hand.

If you are playing a multi-hand Blackjack game variant and you have several hands in live play then you will be able to take that side bet option on any of your live hands or not as the case may be.

That side bet wager will pay out at odds of 2 to 1 it the Dealers hand turns out to be a Blackjack hand that being any hand that in addition to the Ace has any 10 valued card dealt out at the side of it, that side bet wager is one that many players will be tempted to play.

However, that side bet wager does come with a high house edge and as such even though you may be under the impression it is a good bet to place it isn’t, and as such all savvy and experienced Blackjack players are always going to refuse that bet on each of their live and in play hands, and that is something you should always refuse too!

A Few Perfect Strategy Moves

When you are playing most variants of Blackjack there are a few ways that you should play off certain hands, no matter what the base game and variant is, and with that in mind we shall now pass onto you a few of the ways you should always play certain hand combinations!

If you are ever dealt out a pair of Aces then the best and most strategic way for you to play off those types of hand combinations is for you to always split them to form two new hands, but keep in mind you should always keep enough cash in reserve to perform such a move a you won’t be able to split a paid or Aces if you do not have enough money to place the additional bet on the new hand formed!

If you are playing Blackjack in any playing environment and the two cards you are initially dealt out are both 10 valued cards then the optimal playing strategy for playing off such a hand is to always stand those types of ands, even if the Dealers has a low valued card showing the very best way to play off a paid or 10 valued cards is to always stand such a hand, so make sure that is something you do!


Many Blackjack players will be tempted to play some of the many different progressive variants that quite a number of casino sites have on offer to their players, but keep in mind such variants will often if not always force you to have to place an additional side bet wager to have any chance what so ever of winning the progressive jackpot attached to those games.

That side bet wager will need to be placed on every single hand you play off and are dealt out and by continually placing that side bet wager it will eat away at your Blackjack playing bankroll.

So the only time you should consider placing such a side bet wager to have a chance of winning a progressive jackpot is if that progressive jackpot is at an all time high! But most players and savvy Blackjack plays will always avoid playing such games as the side bet can be costly if you play long Blackjack playing sessions!



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