Which Casinos Have the Best Paying Blackjack Games?

Which Casinos Have the Best Paying Blackjack Games?

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Updated November 2, 2022

Where Can I Play Best Paying Blackjack Games?

Lots of online casino players are going to enjoy playing a wide and very varied range of different card games no matter at which casino site they choose to sign up to and play at. However, we know many players prefer playing just one type of casino game, and if you love playing blackjack online then the following article is going to be of interest to you.

For below you are going to discover which online casinos have the very best paying blackjack games. If you are an experienced blackjack player or have never played it before, but wish to, you need to know that every single variant you will come across online will have something known as its own unique house edge.

The house edge is the amount of your stakes, presented as a percentage of your staked amount, that the casino is expected to win off you over your long term play. Therefore as a player looking for the best blackjack game you should always be looking for those variants which have the lowest house edge on offer.

The house edge is determined by quite a number of different factors. Those include the game play rules of each variant and the payout you will receive when being dealt out a winning hand. Keep in mind that even though a casino is expecting to win in the long run, you are always going to find each playing session different.

In fact you can often find as a player you will go on some wild winning streaks when playing blackjack online and can often win on several different session you play. However, being a random game and a game with a house edge of the casino you will also experience losing sessions too!

Low House Edge Online Blackjack Games

There are two different blackjack games which offer players the very lowest house edges and we shall now let you know which those variants are and where you are going to be able to play them online.

However, one additional aspect to playing blackjack that is going to determine just how many winnings session you do have over the long term is something called perfect playing strategy. As a player you need to understand how to play every hand combination that has been dealt out to you by the dealer.

Plus you will also need to know how to play each hand based on what card or cards the dealer is showing via their up-facing cards he or she has dealt out in front of them.

To be able to know how to play each hand perfectly you should acquire something known as a blackjack strategy card, you will find plenty of them can be downloaded online and by getting one for the variant you are playing as soon as you have been dealt out your first two cards simply look up those two cards on the strategy card and it will show you how to play your hand perfectly based on the card or cards the dealer is showing!

In regards to just which blackjack games are the best ones to play online we would like to introduce you to the Classic Blackjack game offered by Microgaming. It is their single hand variant which comes with the best and lowest house edge and that house edge is a very, very low 0.13%.

You will be able to play that game for stakes as low as just 1.00 per hand or as much as 200.00 per hand so there is a staking option to suit all players’ bankrolls and gambling budgets!

Another online blackjack game variant offering a very low house edge with perfect play is the Blackjack Switch game which you will find on offer at Playtech software powered online casino sites. That game has a house edge of 0.16% so you will find it very appealing to play.

Be aware that variant is very unique in as much as you have to play two hands per game, however when you have been dealt out your two hand you are allow to swap one card from each hand over to the other hand!

Much like the Microgaming Classic Blackjack game when you choose of play the Playtech designed and supplied Blackjack Switch game online you will find a wide range of different staking options are on offer to you, so playing the required two hands per game will not be to expensive!


Be wary when you are looking through the list of Blackjack games which are on offer at all online casino sites, for some of the games may look very appealing to play, but once you discover the house edge you will certainly be put off playing many of them!

Take games such as Double Exposure Blackjack, you may think that is a great game to play as you get to see the dealers cards at all times as they are always dealt face up. However, that game come with a very high house edge so is a game to avoid playing.

Also never be tempted to play any Blackjack games which offer an optional side bet wager, for those side bets which also include the insurance wager come with high and very unattractive house edges too!



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