How Do Progressive Blackjack Game Award their Jackpots?

How Do Progressive Blackjack Game Award their Jackpots?

Staff Writer
October 16, 2017

The sheer number of different Blackjack games you could choose to play online does appear to be growing each year and as such you will always find a variant you like playing, and with some hunting around you will also find plenty of them with very low house edges too.

However, what does appeal to some Blackjack players are variants on which there is some form of progressive jackpot on offer, and when playing such games you do have the chance of winning a huge and ever growing jackpot f you play them in a certain way.

Often though for you to have any chance what so ever of winning a progressive jackpot when playing Blackjack you are obligated to have to place a side bet wager, and then be dealt out a certain hand combination.

Keep in mind though that no two Blackjack games will award any progressive jackpots they have on offer in the exact same way, and a such you should always consult the help files to discover who a jackpot can and will be awarded dot you.

If you do play progressive Blackjack, please do be aware that the chances of you winning the chance are tiny, and as such try not to get obsessed with winning such a jackpot!

Adjusting Your Playing Strategy

One thing to keep in mind when playing some progressive jackpot paying Blackjack games online is that when you have placed any required bonus side bet to have the chance of winning the jackpot on offer, you may then need to play a slightly different strategy.

Each Blackjack game will have its own set of game play rules and as long as you play off each hand optimally and using the perfect strategy then over time you will find the house edge attached to each variant you play is the one you achieve over the long term.

If you do fancy playing progressive Blackjack games then make sure you are aware of any different playing strategies you will be required to utilize to have the very best chance possible of winning the jackpot.

But sadly due to the high house edge attached to the progressive side bet many savvy Blackjack players will always tend to shy away from playing such games, unless the jackpot has grown in value to a huge amount way over the usual amount awarded on such games!

Progressive Blackjack Game Seed Values

Another thing to keep in mind is that each progressive Blackjack game will have its own unique seed value a seed value is the amount of cash that the jackpot will reset to, once a player does win the jackpot.

Sometimes you will also find that one progressive jackpot Blackjack game will offer a different valued jackpot depending on the stake of the side bet, so there is a very good chance you are going to come across a variant that you can afford to play.

Some progressive Blackjack games do not only offer an ever growing jackpot line change for the side bet, for you may also find that there are several additional winning hand combinations that could be dealt out to you that will also award a fixed winning payouts when you have placed your bonus side bet.

But at the end of the day it is going to be your decision as to whether you will enjoy playing those types of Blackjack games or not, but if you do come across a game offering a huge jackpot then you should always give it a little bit of play time to see if your luck is in!


You are going to want to have the very best chances of  winning when you do set about playing Blackjack in any playing environment, and due to the huge house edge attached to the bonus bet aspect of progressive Blackjack that is probably variant you are going to be best off steering very clear of.

The way in which every single Blackjack game has been designed and structured is such that some variants do offer very low house edges, and one game worth checking out is the Classic Blackjack game from Microgaming.

When you play that variant with perfect strategy in play you can get the house edge down to a very low and tiny 0.13%, but keep in mind it is only the single hand variant of that game that does offer that very low house edge.

The multi-hand variant of Classic Blackjack available at all Microgaming software powered online casinos sites comes with a much higher house edge, so do not ever make the mistake of playing the multi-hand variant when the single hand variant offer you many more chance so winning due to its very low and attractive house edge!



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