What are The House Edges of Blackjack Game Side Bets?

What are The House Edges of Blackjack Game Side Bets?

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November 22, 2016

bonus-blackjackAs the number of different Blackjack game variants keeps on growing in number as more and more casino sites increase the range of their Blackjack games, you will often come across some variants on which you may be required to place a side bet or will be given the option of placing a side bet and when placed a range of bonus payouts will then be possible.

The one very important thing to remember about place any type of side bet alongside your standard base game bet when playing Blackjack online is that side bet is going to have a negative effect on the house edge of the game you are playing.

In fact, as a player who wants to get the maximum winning chances when playing Blackjack games online you should forget about placing that side bet wager!

However, if you do fancy playing such games then below is an overview of several Blackjack games that are available online that do offer players an optional side bet wager. Read on to find out what benefits if any there will be in regards to additional payouts possible when playing those variants that we have listed below for you.

Bonus Blackjack

By playing the Bonus Blackjack game variant you will be given the option of placing a completely optional side bet wager. By placing that wager you will have the chance of winning one of three bonus cash payouts if you are dealt out any two suited cards or a Jack and Ace card as your first two cards on any hand you are playing off.

If you do play this variant and place the side bet wager and the very first two cards dealt out to any hand you are playing are suited cards of any value then you will receive a 5 to 2 winning payout on the side bet wager you have placed.

If on the other hand your first two cards are a Jack and an Ace of any mixed suit you receive a payout on your bonus bet of 25 to 1, that payout becomes a 50 to 1 bonus bet payout if the Jack and Ace are dealt out in the suit of Spades.

Triple 7’s Blackjack

The Triple 7’s Blackjack game is one on which you are required to have to place a forced 1.00 side bet wager on every hand you play off, and as such you will need to have a suitably large enough bankroll to play this Blackjack game if you want to play it for a fair amount of time!

However, when you do play this variant that forced and obligatory side bet wager is going to allow you to receive some bonus cash payouts when certain hand combinations have been dealt out to you.

It will be dependent on whether the first cards that have been dealt out to your hand are 7 valued cards in regards to you receiving those bonus cash payouts for your side bet wager. If the first card you receive is any 7 valued card out receive a bonus payout of 5.00

Get any two 7 valued cards of different suits as you first two initial cards and you will receive a bonus payout of 25.00 which becomes 50.00 of those two 7 cards are of the same suit.

If your first three cards are 7 valued cards you will win a bonus payout  of 250.00 unless those three cards all share the same suit in which case the payout is worth 1000.00, but if the three 7 valued cards are in the suit of Diamonds then you will win the progressive jackpot instead!


It is of course up to you whether you do choose to play any of the above casino card games on which a bonus bet will help you receive additional winning payouts.

However, the side bet wagers whether they are forced or optional will significantly increase the house edge of the game, and as such the savviest of players will never place those side bets even though they could win big when doing so.

Being a completely random game both of the games mentioned above can and will offer you a fair game, and with some luck in playing when those bonus bets have been placed you could win big on any one hand dealt out to you.

But just keep in mind that due to the side bet wager and the higher house edge attached to those bets, slowly but surely they will eat away at your bankroll and your bankroll could be very quickly diminished if you have a long series of losing outcomes when playing either the Triple 7’s Blackjack game or the Bonus Blackjack game also.




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