Guide to Playing Online Slot Tournaments

Guide to Playing Online Slot Tournaments

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December 15, 2013

How to Play Online Slot Tournaments

The number of online casinos that now offer their customer a range of daily slot tournaments is growing in number, and you may be considering taking part in some of these slot tournaments for when you are playing on a tight budget they will enable you to get both your slot playing fix for the day whilst at the same time offer you the chance of winning a potentially very large winning payout.

Should you have never seen or played in an online slot tournament before then you will certainly find this guide to playing slot tournaments insightful, and below we have listed the many different types of slot tournaments that are available online.

Please read through them all for they are all structured in a different way and each of them offer a different array of cash prizes for various entry fees, and you are guaranteed to find one of them which will be of interest to you.thunderstruck-2-slot-paytable

A slot tournament is quite simple to understand if you have never come across one before, they are simply slot playing competitions whereby you sit down to play one slot game alongside any number of fellow players, with the hope that during a pre-allocated time period you spin in more winning combinations and win a higher amount of cash than your opponents.

Every winning payout awarded to you on a tournament slot game is turned into a score, and the entrants managing to acquire the highest score are then awarded a cash prize that will be displayed on the slot tournament prize ladder.

Type of Online Slot Tournaments


Below are the many different types of slot tournaments that you will come across when playing at many of our featured online casino sites, as you are about to discover there are a wide range of them on offer!

Extender Slot Tournaments

You are going to be able to carry on playing once you have run out of tournament credits when you are taking part in some online slot tournaments, one type of tournament that allows you to keep on playing is the Extender Slot Tournaments.

You will be given the option of taking a Re-Buy or a Continue option once your time has run out or you have no more tournament credits available, however be aware an additional fee needs to be paid for when extending your play time on any Extender Tournament online!

Midweek Moolah Slot Tournament

Microgaming Casinos that are available to download offer what is known as a Midweek Moolah slot tournament. This is a large paying slot tournament which is played during the middle of the working week and boasts a prize pool worth a very large $10,000, however you will need to pay a $15 entry fee to take part in it so it is certainly not one of the cheapest slot tournaments to take part in, but the cash prizes are there for the taking!

Weekend Whopper Slot Tournament

Another very large paying slot tournament is the weekend Whopper slot tournament which boasts a massive prize pool of some $10,000 this slot tournament is another paid to enter one, and if you fancy directly entering the tournament you will have to pay a $15 entry fee, and be online and take your chances on the tournament any day over the weekend.

Freeroll Slot Tournaments

The most popular type of online slot tournaments which are offered any many online casinos including many of our Real Time Gaming powered sites, is a Freeroll slot Tournament, as there is no entry fee to pay but a range of cash prizes can be won, then these slot tournaments are going to appeal to every slot player.

One Shot Slot Tournaments

There are some slot tournaments that give every player just one chance of winning, and these are known as the One Shot Slot Tournaments. Should you come across one of these online slot tournaments and choose to take part in one of them, then you are given just one chance and one chance alone of scoring a prize paying score, as no Add Ons or re-Buys are offered.

Survivor Slot Tournaments

You will find some slot tournaments are listed a Survivor slot tournaments, now these types of tournaments can be held over several hours or even several days and all entrants are offered additional chances of scoring a winning score when taking part in them for a large number of Re-Buys and Add Ons are offered, however every Add On or Re-buy taken will require another fee to be paid, which is often added to the prize pool.

Monthly Monster Slot Tournament

Look out for the Monthly Monster Slot Tournament that is available over the last few days of each month of the year at Microgaming powered sites, for these slot  tournaments offers the biggest cash prizes of any ongoing slot tournament and is one you will be hoping to win!

Satellite Tournaments

Some of the biggest paying slot tournaments listed above such as the Monthly Monster, Midweek Moolah and Weekend Whopper will have a range of Satellite Tournaments attached to them. These Satellite Tournaments are free to enter slot tournaments on which you will be able to win an entry into the main event tournaments.


You really can have hours of fun and games and of course winning opportunities when taking part in a slot tournament online, however if you have never taken part in one of them before then how about trying a Freeroll slot tournament first, for by entering these free of charge tournaments you will be able to get the hang of how they work and operate!

As there are a huge number of different slot tournaments readily available seven days a week then you should always try and pick those that give you the very best chances of winning a cash prize, do checkout our Tips for Winning a Slot Tournament article for it will certainly be an interesting read!



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