GameBeat Head of Marketing Sonya Sverdlova on Guerilla Marketing, Tinder and Telegram Campaigns, and Wolf of Wild Street

GameBeat Head of Marketing Sonya Sverdlova on Guerilla Marketing, Tinder and Telegram Campaigns, and Wolf of Wild Street

Staff Writer
November 20, 2023

Gamebeat Sonya Svardlova Interview

By now, it has become quite obvious that GameBeat requires no introduction at CasinosOnline. We are pleased to announce a brand-new sit-down with GameBeat in which we are meeting all the new games they’ve released so far – as well as hearing all about their innovative marketing campaigns. I mean – Tinder matches and Telegram stickers? Count us in!

This time, we had the pleasure of chatting with Sonya, GameBeat Head of Marketing, who was so kind to explain the concepts behind GameBeat guerilla marketing and other exciting news.

  • Hello and welcome to CasinosOnline. Our audience has already had a chance to meet Gamebeat, so please tell us more about yourself.

I am Sonya, the happiest Head of Marketing. I work in a young, ambitious, and talented studio that develops amazing slots of high quality – GameBeat. Our team is not huge, but it’s a team of true gambling fans, beautiful, smart, and adroit people. And I’m sure that our current success is just the beginning.

  • Our last interview was in May, so it’s been a while since we last talked. Fill us in – what have you been up to this summer?

Our studio released two games – Juicy Do Three and Juicy Do Five. Also, we had a bunch of internal changes that we can see the results of now.

Firstly, our headquarters moved to Belgrade. So now all our team works at the same place, communicating more effectively and enjoying Ćevapi and rakija.

Secondly, we restructured the work of several departments, including Marketing. So, we have had four new releases in autumn so far, and two are coming. As for my department, we released a brand-new beautiful website, increased our online presence, and prepared a new communication strategy for B2B and BCB audiences.

  • The last time we chatted, we discussed the then-new arrival Juicy Do Five. Since then, you’ve released Xiao’s Treasure, Frog Space Program, and Stolbik 777, and Fruitfellas. What are your impressions of the audience’s reaction to Xiao’s Treasure and Frog Space Program?

Those two slots are pretty different – in gameplay, graphics, and targeting. The players enjoyed Xiao’s Treasure for its excellent graphics and sound effects. Like other games with medium-high volatility, they found it dynamic, and they came back to the game over and over again.

It took a little longer for players to crack Frog Space Program. The game has high volatility and the average session was longer. However, when our audience got all the surprises we hid in a slot, they fell in love with our little frog’s adventure 🙂

  • Now, you are known for you fantastic game-making, but there’s also a genius marketing strategy behind all your new releases as well. Case in point – Stolbik 777 and your innovative game promotion happening on Telegram. Can you please tell us more about it? And by the way, we love the Stolbik 777 sticker pack!

Thank you so much! We appreciate that a lot 🙂

Well, you are the first to figure our Telegram campaign out, thanks! Yes, for this game, we used guerilla marketing. We created the stickers for our players to use in day-to-day communication – Our target market for this game is CIS countries, so I’ll translate several stickers. You can send some to your friends and ask if they want to go smoking or where you will have lunch. Also, you can send a sticker to a chat with players and ask about promotional code to share.

This sticker pack is still helpful not only for our dear players but also for our employees. The ones who understand this language find it practical and funny, too.

Stolbik 777 GameBeat

As for internal promotion for Stolbik 777, we suggested our employees to immerse them in the landscape of Stolbik 777. They sent us their photos, and we tried to make each of them the game’s characters.

And, of course, for each game, we prepare a new unique LinkedIn background for our team and change the main page of our website to a dynamic image from the game.


  • Honestly, we love the idea of promoting games on unconventional platforms, as that’s the definition of good marketing. Telegram is not the only way you found to promote new releases, though – there’s also the Fruitfellas Tinder promotion. We don’t want to steal your thunder so please tell us everything about this fantasic promo campaign!

‘FruitFellas: Fortune Wheel’ was released on the 16th of October. We were thinking about a creative promotion that could introduce us to a bigger audience and help us with marketing research in a way. The idea came up to us when we played the game for the hundredth time: we suddenly realized that our fruits are beautiful in a human way. That’s why we’ve decided to set up three accounts on Tinder and directed them toward three key regions of interest – Australia, CIS, and Central Europe. We deliberately kept the audience as specific as possible, aiming to unveil a detailed profile of our typical player.

Like numerous other providers, while we have access to statistical data, we still don't fully comprehend many variables. For instance, what do our players do besides enjoying our slots (what are the substitutes for us)? What do they like? Are they more inclined towards – technology or arts? Understanding these nuances is pivotal in tailoring our games to resonate with our audience. We firmly believe that placing our bets on quality, rooted in a profound understanding of our players' preferences, will push us forward worldwide recognition.

FruitFellas Gamebeat

  • Have these two platforms helped you in getting to know your audience better? What other goals do you have that these two marketing campaigns might help with?

Sure, it has – a lot 🙂

Our promotion via Telegram helped us get to the roof of our audience at the preparation stage. To create those catchy stickers, we had to analyze all the chats where the players communicate. We had to understand which phrases they used, their needs, and their frequently asked questions. Honestly, I doubt other providers went so deep into interaction with final consumers.

In our Tinder campaign, getting to know the audience was one of the main goals. Now we have an idea of an average portrait (literally) of our players in different GEOs. We didn’t interact with people or mislead those who came to Tinder to find love or have fun. We didn’t advertise the slots directly. We sent over likes and looked at people who liked us, making conclusions.

And I’m proud of my department for being so curious and engaged in all our campaigns. As I said, we have a small team so far – that’s why we carry all our ideas out together. And I can’t be happier, for example, looking at our graphic designer Yuliia liking the guys on behalf of twins Cherry and Marry on Tinder.

  • You have a brand-new game coming right up, and we are excited to meet the Wolf of Wild Street. We heard there’s an Investment Guide so please, talk us through it!

Yep, we came up with a new format idea for the last release – Wolf of Wild Street. We’ve decided to prepare educational material so the players could not only spend money with us, but also learn how to earn some. Well, on the 16th of November, Investment Guide was published on our website – ​​

We’ve asked for support from our internal investment expert to help us with an article. Farida is the artist at GameBeat who has been interested in investments for a while. She said right away that she was not an expert, but she could help us out with some tips, which you can’t easily find online – the stitches she had already made. So Farida, you’re a true expert for us 💚

In Investment Guide, our charismatic Wolf opens his suitcase with pragmatic advice on the prerequisites for venturing into the world of investments. The article includes essential aspects such as the requirements, assessing a risk profile, evaluating existing strategies, and selecting a fitting approach. It aims to contribute to players’ financial literacy as well.

What sets this Guide apart is its interactive nature. Readers actively engage with the content by choosing the cards held by the Wolf in his suitcase. Upon a simple click, they unlock more detailed information relevant to their chosen cards.

Beyond its interactive elements, the guide underscores the significance of making informed financial decisions and engaging in strategic planning. This synergy between GameBeat's latest release and the Investment Guide reflects a thematic representation of modern economic opportunities, urging readers to initiate thoughtful planning for their financial future.

Wolf of Wild Street Gamebeat

  • What other promo campaigns might we see for this release? And in the future, are you planning to stick to Tinder and Telegram or are there plans to expand onto other platforms and promo channels?

We’re planning exactly not to use Tinder or Telegram as the platforms for promotion anymore – at least not in the nearest releases and not in the format that we already tried 🙂 Those campaigns were great; the audience and our team enjoyed them a lot, but we strive to explore more and more alternative ways of promotion. We’re being purely creative and diverse in our marketing campaigns.

  • With all this marketing talk we barely managed to touch the subject of games yet. Let’s go back to the Wolf of Wild Street – what features and boosters are included in the slot?

Wolf of Wild Street introduces players to exciting features designed to elevate the gaming experience:

Gamble Feature: Take your chances and multiply your winnings with the Gamble feature, adding an extra layer of excitement to each spin.

Free Spins: Unleash the power of Free Spins with three or more scatters, triggering a thrilling bonus game that awards six Free Spins.

Buy Bonus: For those who can't wait to experience the action, the Buy Bonus feature allows players to jump straight into the heart of the game.

Wild-Collect Symbol: A game-changing element, the Wild-Collect symbol appears on the third reel, collecting money symbols and boosting your winnings.

Bonus Game Excitement: Get ready for the Bonus Game, activated by three or more scatters, where players are rewarded with six Free Spins. The Wild-Collect symbol in the Bonus Game expands and can appear on any reel, intensifying the gameplay.

Re-Spin Feature for Maximum Thrills: During the Bonus Game, the Re-Spin feature kicks in when the Wild-Collect symbol appears, moving to the left by one reel with each spin. The suspense builds as the Re-Spin round continues until the bonus symbol disappears from the screen, creating an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience.

  • Are there plans for other releases before the year ends?

Yep, we’re having two more releases till the end of 2023.

FruitFellas: X-mas Wheel. That’s a holiday edition of our October release FruitFellas: Fortune Wheel. Here are our dangerous fruits celebrating a well-known, not very gambly occasion in a traditional red-headed and Jingle Bells way.

Giggly Greedy Story. We’ll tell our players a story about a sneaky leprechaun trying to find treasures in a magical forest with a Buy Bonus feature and free spins. Who says that all the slots in December must be with Santa Claus and Rudolph? 😉

  • What about 2024 – is there a chance you could share some hints as to what we can expect from GameBeat in 2024?

We’re planning three releases for the first quarter of 2024. Among them, there are new slots with cluster mechanics and crash games. But the most-awaited release of mine is a game with a unique mechanic that the iGaming industry has never seen before. I believe in our talented team – they can pull off all the challenges they prepared for themselves!

  • Thank you so much for talking to us, we had a blast. We look forward to talking to you again soon – but is there anything you’d like to add before we wrap up?

Thank you so much for such interesting questions! It was a pleasure to introduce you to our team and their success. We are looking forward to 2024 – with all the new slots by GameBeat and our partnership with CasinosOnline. 😉



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