“A Pure Classic, But In a Modern Juicy Wrapper” – Gamebeat Animator Kamil Kadyrov Introduces Juicy Do 5 Slot

“A Pure Classic, But In a Modern Juicy Wrapper” – Gamebeat Animator Kamil Kadyrov Introduces Juicy Do 5 Slot

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May 24, 2023

Gamebeat Kamil Kadyrov interview

Gamebeat is back! Our team had the pleasure to once again peek behind the curtain of Gamebeat Studio game-making and see what’s cooking there. We had a lovely chat with Kamil Kadyrov, the animator working on Gamebeat masterpieces, who was kind enough to give us the scoop and even talk about the upcoming games.

Gamebeat has a new release lined up for the start of June, and you get an exclusive introduction to Juicy Do 5 right here with us. Enjoy!

  • Hello Kamil, we wish the Gamebeat Studio another warm welcome to CasinosOnline. Thank you for this opportunity to talk about your latest project Juicy Do 5. Before we start, may we ask you to tell us a bit about yourself and your animator role in the Gamebeat studio?

Hello! I'm Kamil, 26 years old. I have been working at Gamebeat for 1,5 years. At the company, I'm responsible for creating game element animations to make our games come to life, catch the eye, and give the player the best visual experience. I spend my free time in the company of books, games, visual arts and music.

  • Just in case some of our readers are not familiar with Gamebeat, can you introduce the studio in your own words and tell us a bit about the kind of games you guys like to make?

Gamebeat is a fast-growing young company that aims to release the best slots on the market and become the number one provider in the world, no matter how ambitious it may sound. 😀

Our main priority is the players and we make a product based not only on market statistics, but also on our own perception and instinct, putting ourselves in the place of the player and asking ourselves the question “Would we play it ourselves?” when developing each element of the game. Personally, Gamebeat is my second family, where I spend most of my time, enjoying what I do in the company of close friends and colleagues. All the fun, cool thoughts and discussions about how the most daring ideas to implement take place here. History and creativity are being made here.

“Would we play it ourselves?”

  • How was the ending of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 for you and Gamebeat in general? Are there any important lessons you learned or major milestones you achieved?

2022 has been a year of great change, challenges and strong growth both for me personally and professionally and for the company. New opportunities and horizons have opened up, now we have clear goals where we are moving and how we will do it. The main lesson of that year for me was that you need to use the opportunities that life gives you here and now, do not put off your life for later, because it is very short.

  • As for the star of the show Juicy Do 5, we understand it is a Fruit Ninja-inspired slot and we love how it looks from the few screenshots we’ve seen. What can our readers expect from the game once it launches on June 1st? Can you briefly introduce the game?

Juicy-Do 5 is one of my favorite games I've ever worked on. While working on it, I felt cozy and nostalgic for the times when I was a schoolboy and played Fruit Ninja. It was also very interesting for me to come up with how the fruits would be cut and how to convey to the players my heartwarming feelings and at the same time dynamism during the cutting of fruits. Hope I got it. 😉

Gamebeat Studio Juicy Do Five Slot

  • Besides Fruit Ninja, does Juicy Do 5 take inspiration from any other previous games you made? Does it borrow any mechanics, features, or systems from previous Gamebeat slots?

Fruit Ninja is the main source of inspiration, but we were also inspired by the simplicity and accessibility of classic slots, both in terms of themes and mechanics. In the end, we took the most popular mobile game and combined it with the most popular classic slot mechanics. It turned out to be a pure classic, but in a modern juicy wrapper.

  • As an animator, how was it working on the Juicy Do 5 slot? Did you encounter any particular challenges and was it a fun experience to animate the slot? Bonus question, have you been replaying the Fruit Ninja slot recently as a means of helping you in your work for Juicy Do 5?

Working on Juicy Do 5 was a pleasure for me. Each animation was made with love and attention. The correct transfer of emotions and a sense of the juiciness of what is happening on the screen – most likely this was the biggest challenge during work. I haven't been replaying Fruit Ninja, but I've been watching gameplay videos of the game to understand the dynamics and to look at the game not only as a player, as was the case many years ago, but also as a professional animator.

“The main lesson of that year for me was that you need to use the opportunities that life gives you here and now, do not put off your life for later, because it is very short.”

  • Juicy Do 5 is looking to be quite an exciting and fun online slot to play and we cannot wait for its release. Are you also working on any future projects currently? What are you and Gamebeat up to for 2023 if we may ask?

Of course, the work on new games is in full swing, I can assure you that they will be very fun and sticky, in a variety of styles and with new mechanics that have not been in our games before. And in 2023, we plan to develop, expand and release many games that will be on a completely new level than the previous ones. As for me personally, I also plan to develop my skills so that my contribution to the games and the experience of the players is even more tangible.

  • Kamil, it has been a pleasure having you hear to discuss Fruit Ninja and Juicy Do 5, thank you for the opportunity. Before we wrap up, is there anything else you would like to add, announce, or maybe tease?

Thank you very much for this interview, I was immensely glad to talk with you and discuss our work. It's nice to know that people are interested in it. Expect bomb games from us! I want to wish readers to love their life and their work, always look in the direction of positive and development, and everything will be fine.



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