Do All Casinos Let Me Audit My Own Game Play?

Do All Casinos Let Me Audit My Own Game Play?

Staff Writer
September 10, 2017

Knowing just how well or conversely just how bad you are doing when playing any type of casino games online is important, for you can quickly lose track of just how much money you are depositing, and you should always ensure you are sticking to your won gambling limits.

Many online and mobile casinos will have a system in place whereby you are going to be able to self audit your own game play. Microgaming for example have a Play Check and Cash Check facility, the former lets you audit your own game play and the letter lets you audit all financial transactions made into and out of any casino using their software.

Whilst most casinos will have some type of self audit system you may come across some that don’t. When playing at a casino that doesn't then you will have to make contact with the casinos support staff and let them know you want them to send you a copy of your gaming logs.

They will then compile them and send them over via email for you to peruse. However, it will always be best for you to play at a casino site that gives you the option of self auditing your game play as that way you can see instantly just how well or bad you are doing!

Working Out Payout Percentages

If you do want to discover what the payout percentage that you managed to achieve on any slot playing session then it is not going to be as difficult as you may have first thought it would be!

There are two things that you will have to track as you are playing any slot game and that is the total combined amount of cash you wagered on that slot on any one single session and also keep a track of the value of every single winning payout you achieved too.

Once you know the total value of your winnings you simply divide that figure by the total amount of stakes you played through that slot.

If, over the course of your slot playing session, you received a total of $890 in winning payouts and you played through $768 in wagers for example then $890 divided by $768 is 1.15, just remove the zero and your payout percentage for that winning session was 115%.

If your payouts were for example $589 and you wagered in total $625 then $589 divided by $625 is 0.94 just remove the decimal point and the zero and the payout percentage for that session as 94%!

Benefits of Auditing your Game Play

By knowing exactly how well or bad you are doing when playing at any one casino site will enable you to make a judgement call as to whether it is worth sticking to playing at any one casino.

Many players have found they do tend to have much more luck when playing at one casino site than they do when playing at another casino, and by self auditing your own game play at all casino sites you do play at you can then see if any of those casinos are giving you more play time and more winning payouts!

Also, it will be worth knowing that if you have been experience a bad run of luck when playing at an online casino site you can often ask your casino host or the customer care team if they are prepared to give you some free bonus credits.

They will then look up your game play and if that casino does value your gambling action and your loyalty you will often find you are rewarded with a set of no deposit required bonuses or possibly a set of free spins to play the slot games with!


You should always play responsibly when logged into any casino site or when gambling in general and with that in mind please do set yourself a budget and stick to it!

That is in fact going to be easy to do when you play at most of our featured and top rated casinos sites for they will allow you to set your gambling limits each time you log into their respective gaming platforms.

As such you are going to be able to select a time period that you wish to play for and once you have been playing that long the software will not let you play on, and you are also going to be able to set things such as how much you can deposit over any given time period and how much you can lose too on each individual session.

If you do have a winning session then never get carried away, for by making regular withdrawals from your casino account you are always going to have spare funds available to play the next time you fancy taking your chances!



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