Can I Audit My Own Gaming Sessions?

Can I Audit My Own Gaming Sessions?

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Updated November 19, 2021

Can I Audit my own Gaming Sessions

Knowing just how well or how bad you are doing when you are playing at an online casino is important. For whilst you could experience some winning sessions, it is often the losing ones that you tend to forget!

All of the major online casino game and gaming platform suppliers and designers have some form of built in self auditing feature which will allow you, as a player, to keep track of any and all real money gaming sessions you have had, at any casino site using their range of games.

One of the most advanced self auditing features you will find are on offer at Microgaming software powered online casino sites, and in this game playing guide we are going to be looking at how you can self audit each and every single real money gaming session you have when logged into a Microgaming powered casino site.

Be aware that we also have a wide and very varied range of additional casino game playing guides located around our website, and as such if you are looking for some of the higher paying casino games to play and those games which boast low house edges and higher than average payout percentages do take a look around this website as we will have plenty of articles and guides that will enable you to instantly track down those games.

Microgaming Play Check

When you have had any real money gaming session on one or more game at a Microgaming powered casino site you are going to be able to click on the Play Check button whenever logged into such a site and by doing so you will be able to view the facts and figures surrounding each individual game you played.

You will find listed on the Play Check feature an overview of each individual session and also the time at which you played each game and the result of each game you played. You will find a time stamp showing when you put nay game into live play, the stake you played that game for and also the outcome of the game.

Microgaming Cash Check

Another feature offered at any online casino site whether that is a downloadable casino site or an instant play casino site offering the Microgaming gaming platforms that you may find handy is the Cash Check option.

When you click on the Cash Check button you will find a range of information surrounding all of the deposits you made into your casino account and you will also find an overview of all of the withdrawals that you have made from your account.

You will also be able to see when the casino processed all winning cash outs and at what time they sent it back to you and also the method of payment they used to pay you your winnings. As mentioned you can view this information at any time and to do so you simply need to click on the Cash Check button.

If you need more information on just what type of banking options are available at any of our featured and approved online casino sites then please look at our banking options guides as there will be plenty of ways that you can both fund any online or mobile casino account or make a withdrawal from those accounts!

Why Should I Audit My Gameplay?

There are many reasons why players will tend to audit their own game play when playing at one or more online casino sites, the main reason will be to see just which games have been returning to those players as high a payout percentage as possible.

However, if you have experience a poor paying session or a series of them then you could use the information garnered from auditing your gaming sessions by asking for a complimentary bonus from the casino site you have been playing at.

Most casino sites are always prepared to give players who have been experiencing poor paying sessions some form of free bonus and as such there is never going to be any hard in asking a casino for a free bonus if you have audited your game play and found out you have been getting some very poor returns!

Obviously not all casinos will give you a  free bonus but you will often find those that value your on-going custom will flip you a few chips here are there if you have has some very poor paying session, so ask and you may just receive!


Even if the casino site you are playing at does not allow you to access your own personal real money gaming logs online, you should still be able to request them to be sent out to you. When you do you will usually then receive your gaming logs via email which will allow you to audit them yourself.

Always be very wary of any online casino site that does not allow you to easily and readily audit your own game play or access your gaming logs, for more and more online gaming license issuers and gaming jurisdictions insist that casinos that are fully licensed and regulated should offer this facility to their licensed venues and sites.

You should also find that many licensing authorities now also insist that all casinos and gaming venues licensed by them have to make available to player the long term expected payout percentages attached to all of their games and also make available the expected theoretical house edge of casino card and table games. So do look around the websites of online casino sites for by doing so you will come across that valuable information!



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