Can I Win Two Video Poker Jackpots Back to Back?

Can I Win Two Video Poker Jackpots Back to Back?

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Updated September 7, 2022

Can I Win Two Video Poker Jackpots

I have often been asked many weird and wonderful questions regarding how to pay video poker games in the past, however I was recently asked whether it is possible to win two back to back jackpots on any video poker game.

Well, whilst the chances of you being dealt out a Royal Flush are tiny, it is perfectly possible to not only get one of those jackpot paying hands dealt out to you when playing but it is possible that you could get another Royal Flush hand dealt out to you on the very next hand you play off after being dealt out such a hand.

The odds of doing so however are astronomical, but as every single video poker game you will find online, on a casino app or even when playing in a land based brick and mortar casino have a random number generator determining their outcomes, anything is of course possible.

But please do remember that to have any chance of winning over the long term when playing games such as video poker you do need to master how to play off each initial five card hand that has been dealt out to you!

Best Video Poker Games to Play

Many experienced video poker players can determine instantly whether any variants they come across are going to be worth playing or not, simply by taking a quick look at the pay tables of each game.

For it is going to be the payouts that are all listed on any video poker games pay table that will allow an experienced player to work out the long term expected payout percentage one each variant, and they will of course be seeking the games that offer the best pay backs.

However, if you have no experience of playing video poker and are blissfully unaware of the differences between one pay table and another one, then I would advise you to play at casino sites that have listed somewhere upon their websites a list of the RTP’s each video poker game has been set to return over the long term.

The higher the payout percentage the more winning payouts you are going to receive, and also be aware that even though two video poker games may have the same name at different casino sites they can often come with a different pay table and also a different payout percentage too. So always look up the RTP information to help you select only the best paying variants to play.

Which Video Poker Games Have the Biggest Jackpots?

When you think about it, the jackpot on most video poker games is only 4000 coins, however to get the chance to win a  jackpot that high you need to play maximum coin hands, so the jackpots based on a five coin hand are quite low when compared to slot machines for example.

However, not all video poker games have 4000 coin jackpots, for there are some variants that can and do offer 5000 coin jackpots and the Deuces and Joker video poker games has a huge 10000coins on offer via its jackpot hand, so there are going to be plenty of different variants you can play.

But if you do want to have the chance of winning a mega sized, and potentially life changing jackpot when playing video poker games then keep your eyes peeled for those variants that have progressive jackpots attached to them.

Most casino sites will have at least a couple of different progressive jackpot awarding video poker games but make sure if and when you do decide to play them you always play them with maximum coin hands in live play as that is how you get the chance of winning the jackpot!


There is of course an art to playing video poker games, and that is learning just which are going to be the very best cards to hold as soon as the game has dealt you out your initial five cards.

Rather than have to spend days, weeks or even months learning which cards are the best ones to hold, all that you will need to do is to find a casino site that offers an auto hold option setting on their video poker games and then activate that option setting.

As soon as you have done so and then play off your next hand, when your first five playing cards have been dealt out to you the auto hold setting will automatically hold the best cards based on the perfect playing strategy for that game.

Therefore, any video poker game that does allow you to activate an auto hold setting is going to be worth playing, for you will never make any playing errors with that option setting switched on and activated, so keep that in mind when deciding where to play online!



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