What Video Poker Staking Options are Available?

What Video Poker Staking Options are Available?

Staff Writer
November 14, 2017

There are so many different categories and types of video poker games available at all of our showcased online casino sites you really are going to have plenty of different variants on offer to you when you play at those sites.

However, it will often be the value of your bankroll that is going to determine just which video poker games you can play, and as such I have compiled the following guide to give you some ideas of just which ones are available, and the staking options available on those games too.

If you only have a small limited bankroll then you should stick to playing the single hand variants, for by doing so you will then have the option of playing one to five coins and will also have the ability of choosing your coin value setting.

If, on the other hand you are looking to play some fairly high stake video poker games then the multi-hand variants of even the new progressive or level up poker games will be best suited to you and your much high valued bankroll, read on to find out more!

Multi-Denomination Video Poker Games

Most video poker games are going to permit you to choose a coin value setting that suits you and your bankroll.

However, you first need to take a good look at the pay table of the variant you have chosen to play, for there can be some benefit of playing maximum coin hands when playing some different variants.

If the game you have chosen to pay has an enhanced payout for the Royal Flush hand or the highest paying hand combination listed on the pay table when playing for five coin hands, then you should configure the coin value settings so you can play five coin hands, to take advantage of those bonus payouts!

It is also going to be dependent on just which casino site you play at as to just how low you can set the coin value settings, for some casino sites do have low staking options available on their video poker games whilst some other casinos have chose to have much higher minimum stakes available on their video poker games.

Also do keep in mind that you will often be able to play video poker games for free online if you want to get used to playing them!

Fixed Coin Video Poker Games

It is often going to be the case that progressive jackpot video poker games will require you to have to play for just one coin value setting, take for example the Supajax and Jackpot Deuces variants, both of those games have a progressive jackpot on offer but the coin value settings are fixed at 1.00.

Not only that but for you to have any chance what so ever of winning their respective progressive jackpots you are forced to have to play five coins per hand, and as such if your bankroll is not big enough to allow you to play for 5.00 per hand then sadly those games will be outside of your budget!

Those are in fact the only types of video poker games that I am aware of will not permit you to play them for different coin value settings, so never be of the impression that video poker games are going to be expensive games to play, as that is certainly not the case!

In fact, due to the payout percentage being so high on all video poker game variants, much higher than slot machines for example, you are always going to find that over your long term play you do get plenty of pay time from your bankroll!


The payout percentages do however vary not only from video poker game to video poker game but also at the casino sites you have chosen to play at!

You can often come across two different casino sites that offer the exact same type of video poker game, but they could have different pay tables attached to their games, and as such you need to ensure that variant you do play have the very highest payout percentages on offer via their respective pay tables.

Be wary however of claiming casino bonuses and then using those bonus credits on games such as video poker games, for sometimes you will find casinos are not going to allow you to use their bonus credits on video poker games!

If you are lucky and come across a casino site that is offering you some fairly high valued casino bonuses that can be used on video poker games keep in mind that the play through requirements on those bonuses can be very high when you play video poker games, so always check through the bonus play rules to check those play through requirements!



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