Can I Play Slot Machines with Friends Online?

Can I Play Slot Machines with Friends Online?

Staff Writer
August 18, 2017

When you pay a visit to any land based casino, if you are there with friends or family members you can of course play slot machines side by side, and cheer each other on as you play.

That is something you may wish to do when playing online, but may be wondering if it is possible. Well, if you play at some of our featured Microgaming software powered casino sites, and opt to play via their downloadable gaming platforms that is something you will be able to do!

What you will need to do is to all be logged into one casino site, and then all play the new range of multi-player slots, by doing so you can then sit alongside your friends or family members and play the same type of slot machines and interact with each other via a chat room.

However, one aspect of Microgaming's multi-player slot machines that you are going to love is that when the bonus game is triggered you all get to play off the bonus game at the same time.

As you will never know what you are going to win individually via that bonus game those multi-player slots really are exciting slots to play, and you will be able to play them for a range of different staking options too!

Benefits of Playing Slots with Friends Online

Many slot players find that when playing online slot games they have some rather solitary gaming sessions, and it will just be those players playing one slot game and they will have no interaction with any other players as they do so.

Whilst that does of course suit many players down to the ground, when playing alongside friends and family members you can all egg each other on and have a good old gossip when doing so if you desire.

Also as many casino sites do look after their loyal and regular player you are going to find that you will be able to claim all manner of different bonuses and promotional offers that you can all claim and make use of so you will get plenty of extra play time out of those bonus credits.

With each of our featured online casino sites that do have multi-player slot machines on offer all having their own comp clubs too when you do play any of their slot machines including the multi-player ones you are going to be earning additional playing credits as you earn and then redeem your accumulated comp points too!

Consider Entering Multi-Player Slot Tournaments Too!

There is another very cost effective way you can play slot machines online at downloadable Microgaming software powered online casino sites and that is by you taking part in some of the many multi-player slot tournaments those sites have on offer.

You will find some free to enter ones available and some that will require you to pay a small entry fee to take part in them, however the will be a wide range of cash and bonus prizes up for grabs when you do sign up and take part in them.

The way in which they have been designed is very simple to understand, once you register to take part in any of them you simply have to be logged into the casino site when the tournament is due to start and you will then be automatically allocated a slot machine to play.

You then have a set number of minutes to try and play off as many spins a you can on your slot and the players who get the most winnings will then be allocated a prize for their playing efforts!


There are lots of things you need to factor into any online slot playing session you have online, but the most important things you need to do is to pick a first class casino site that will be giving you access to everything you need as a player.

All of the scansions we have reviewed and listed throughout our website are famed for giving players a first class and fully rounded gaming session, and not simply a huge valued sign up welcome type of bonus!

With that in mind if you do wish to try out any multi-player slot machines and slot games or you want to take your chances playing in slot tournaments or simply playing any type of slot machines of free or fore real money then out showcased casino sites are the one you should be looking to play at.

Keep in mind that as each of those casinos you see displayed and showcased throughout our website are all licensed and regulated you will never have any worries when it comes to cashing out your winnings and getting paid rapidly!



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