Can I Play Online Blackjack Using Auto Play?

Can I Play Online Blackjack Using Auto Play?

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Updated January 10, 2023

Can I play online blackjack with autoplay?

There are going to be lots of different ways that you can configure online Blackjack games to play, and as such there will be more than enough options in regards to how you stake each hand but also in regards to how you choose to play off those hands.

If you are still learning the ropes of playing blackjack, and haven't quite mastered the art of knowing how to play off all hands that could be dealt out to you when faced with any Dealers up facing card, then it will be the auto play option setting that will be of interest to you the most.

When playing at a casino site offering that option setting, you are going to be able to select the stake you wish to play for but will also be able to configure the game to play off each hand for you, and you can of course pick and choose just how many hands to be played off automatically.

The main benefit of using the auto play setting when playing Blackjack is that the software is not going to make any playing errors and as such every hand it plays off for you will be using perfect playing strategy!

Achieve the Lowest Possible House Edge

When playing any variant of Blackjack each variant is going to have something known as its own unique house edge. The house edge is the percentage of your stakes the house it expected to win from you over the long term.

Therefore any savvy player is going to be looking ideally to play only the variants that have the very lowest house edge on offer and that will entail out looking around the casinos website to track down that very important information.

The main attraction of Blackjack when compared to most other casino card games is that when you play perfectly using optimum strategy you really can get the house edge down to some tiny amounts. In fact, when playing online we have seen blackjack games that offer perfect strategy players a house edge of 0.13% which is very low!

In regards to what makes any Blackjack game play out with a very low and tiny house edge, it is the individual game play rules, the number of decks of cards in the shoe and also the winning payouts that can and will be awarded to you when you have been dealt out a winning hand.

Blackjack Auto Play Restrictions

Be aware that in some countries of the world for example the United Kingdom, when you choose to play at any online or mobile casino site you are not going to be able to set the auto play to play off hundreds or even thousands of hands for you.

Instead you are going to only be able to play off a small number of hands per auto play cycle, and once you have played off that number of hands you will have to configure the Blackjack game to play off another small number of hands for you, if you want to carry on playing.

The reason for that is that the UK Gambling Commission requires all of their license holders to only allow their players to have the ability of using the auto play option to play off a small number of hands, to prevent people from getting too carried away and possibly losing their entire bankroll on one auto play setting!

However, you will of course be able to pick and choose whether you continue using the auto play setting if you are in the UK and will also be able to pick the stakes you play for when using the auto play setting too!


Due to the unique way that all Blackjack games have been designed it is going to be your input in regards to playing off your hand that will have an effect on your winning chances, and as such it is important that you do play off every single hand optimally.

There are some rules all Blackjack players should follow when playing Blackjack games to help them keep the house edge down to a low amount as is possible.

Never be tempted to take the Insurance option when it is offered to you by the Cyber Dealer when playing any type of Blackjack games, the reason way you should always decline that side bet option is that it comes with a huge house edge, so by placing it you will be increasing the house edge on the variant you are playing!

If you are dealt out a pair of 10 valued cards, if the rules of the variant you are playing gives you the option of splitting those hands to form two new hands each containing one of those ten valued card you must never split them!



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