Casino Game Playing Errors

Casino Game Playing Errors

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August 3, 2015

Casino Game Playing Errors

Playing casinos games in a real money playing environment will call for you to have a very well throughout strategy and a sane level head! With there being such a large array of different games which you can play online and as each game will come with its own playing structure making common yet expensive game player errors is something no player will ever want to do.

With that in mind we have compiled the following casino game playing guide as a timely reminder as to some of the game playing errors you could inadvertently make when playing all manner of different casino games online.

Please do take a look through it and once finished be aware that we have a huge range of different casino game specific articles and playing guides available on our website, and it may pay dividends for you o take a look through as many of them as you can.

For we will point you in the right direction in regards to just which casino games have been set to return the highest payout percentages and we will also let you know on which games you can play optimally and get the house edges down to the absolute minimum, which is something you will be wanting to achieve!

Card Game Playing Errors

The most obvious card game on which you can make all manner of different game playing errors is the game of Blackjack. You will need to be aware that there are dozens of different Blackjack game variants available online and each of them when played perfectly will return a different house edge.

As a player no matter how appealing the winning payouts are on any blackjack game variant you come across, the only game you should be looking to play is the one offering perfect strategy players the very lowest house edge.

With that in mind make sure you first and foremost play a game offering a low house edge to optimal players such as Microgaming’s single hand Classic Blackjack game or Playtech’s Blackjack Switch game and then learn how to play that game optimally.

When playing any type of blackjack game one bet you should never choose to play is the Insurance side bet wager, the 2 to 1 payout can lure in many punters to take that optional side bet but its house edge is many time greater than the base game house edge and as such it is a mug or sucker bet and on you should never choose to place on any blackjack table!

Table Game Playing Errors

The most played table games in both online and land based casinos are Roulette games, and whilst the game of roulette is very easy to play and understand there are a few simple playing errors that you do need to be aware of.

The first is that the American Roulette game due to the fact that it has two zeroes on the wheel is by far and away the worst game you can play, for that extra zero and the fact the winning payouts are not increased due to it being on the wheel means the house edge on this game is huge at 5.26%.

If you like placing any type of wager on a roulette games betting layout except the even money paying bets then you should stick to playing the European Roulette game due to its overall house edge being a much more bearable 2.70%!

However, one common playing error some roulette players will make is in regards to choosing and selecting a Roulette game variant to place even money paying bets on. If you only ever place those types of bets onto a roulette tables betting layout then forget about playing both the American and European Roulette variants and hunt around for a French Roulette game instead.

The reason the French Roulette game is a much better game to place even money paying bets is that there are two rules one which will be attached to the variant you are playing that will see the house edges of even money paying bets on all French Roulette games being reduced even low to 1.35%.

Those two rules will either see you getting half of any losing even money bet back when the single zero on the French Roulette wheel is spun in, or you will find those losing bets will stay on the betting layout for the next spin each and every single time a zero is spun in!


When you do decide to play any type of casino game online then before you play those games in a real money environment make sure you spend some time researching how each game has been designed.

You will find the game help files and any additional pay table will give you a wealth of information in regards to how to play each game and what you can stand to win when playing them, and always look out for and only ever opt to play casino games with either the lowest house edges or the very highest payout percentages!



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