Can I Play Multiple Video Poker Games Simultaneously?

Can I Play Multiple Video Poker Games Simultaneously?

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Updated December 27, 2022

Can I Play Multiple Video Poker Games Simultaneously

As soon as you start to play video poker games online or in fact in a land based bricks and mortar casino venue or even on your mobile phone or tablet device you will discover just how quickly you can play off each hand that is dealt out to you.

Video Poker is in fact one of the fastest playing casino card based games you can play and as such one thing is guaranteed when you do decide the time is right of you to play this popular casino game, and that is you will rattle through a huge number of hands in a very short space of time!

However, what you will also find very interesting about all Video Poker games is that the payout percentages on offer on them are set high, however you will of course need to play the variant in the best possibly way and optimally to have a much greater chance of winning based on the initial hands you are dealt out.

Due to the fast nature of Video Poker games in general we do get asked a lot by players is there any way that you can play more than one game at a time and as such that is what we will be looking at in the following article, so please read on for details of how you can play lots of different video poker games and hands all simultaneously!

Microgaming Multi-Game Tabbed Browser

The best way that you will be able to access and play multiple different games all at the same time is by you opting to use the Microgaming downloadable gaming platform, for by doing so it offers a unique feature to players that is known as the Tabbed Browser.

What you will appreciate once you have downloaded their software and the entire range of games is that there will then be an enormous range of different Video Poker games available to you. As such you will always be able to locate and play the variants of Video Poker that appeal to you the most.

When you launch the software at the top of the screen you will find you can open up by clicking onto the little plus button more than one window and when opened you can then launch several different games and also you can drag each of those windows around your computer screen too!

Playing Multi-Hand Video Poker Games

If you much prefer playing via an instant play type of gaming platform then you will often find that you are only going to be able to open up one single game at a time so playing more than one variant of Video Poker will not be possible at such online casino sites.

However, we are aware of a handful of NetEnt software powered casinos that will allow players to have up to four different games open and in use at a time form one window and as such you may be interested in playing at such a site for they will offer you a number of different Video Poker variants at such sites.

Keep in mind however that there are of course lots of multi-hand video poker games on offer that will allow you to play up to 100 hands per game you play, and as such if you are playing at any instant play casino site and want to have the maximum number of hands in live play then do make a beeline to play the multi-hand Video Poker games as you will find plenty of different staking options available at those sites and on those multi-hand games too!

Make Sure You Use Auto Hold!

No matter how many Video Poker games or hands you decide to play off one thing that you should always ensure that you have in play on any variant you decide to play is the Auto Hold option setting!

That is going to be one of the very best ways to configure any Video Poker game variant for when you launch a game and turn that setting on, which you will find located under the options setting tab you will then be able to sit back and not worry about which hands to hold when the first five cards have been dealt out to you.

The Auto Hold feature will pick out the best cards to hold based on the perfect playing strategy for the variant you are playing, and as such your only task after the game has held the very best cards for you will be to click on the deal button a second time and then hope that you form one of the higher paying hand combinations on the variant you have chosen to play as per the pay table attached to that variant!



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