Microgaming’s Tabbed Browser Feature Explained

Microgaming’s Tabbed Browser Feature Explained

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August 6, 2014

Microgaming Tabbed Browser Feature

With the advent of multi software casinos at which you can play in a no download environment and play more than one software providers games, many players often overlook the added benefits of playing at a fully downloadable online casino.

As such today we are going to enlighten you on several of the benefits that will become available to you by opting to utilize a Microgaming powered downloadable gaming platform. The first benefit is that you will be able to utilize something known as their quite state of the art Tabbed Browser.

When you launch, load and then log into any of Microgaming’s many downloadable casino sites you are not just limited to playing one casino game at a time, which is what you are obliged to do when playing at an instant play casino, instead you can open several different windows and play several games all at the same time.

What makes this Tabbed Browser even more appealing to players is that you can drag the actual game windows anywhere you want them to be positioned on your computer screen, and as such you can then sit back and watch each game in full flow, but to do this you will need to utilize another downloadable gaming platform feature and that is the Auto Play feature!

Auto Play Makes Playing Multiple Games Easy

The Auto Play feature which is available on almost all of Microgaming’s many hundreds of downloadable casino games is going to make playing more than one game via the Tabbed Browser facility an absolute breeze.

When you choose to make use of this Auto Play feature you are able to choose just how many games on the trot you want it to play automatically for you and also sand-storm-sloton what stakes you want those game to be playing out for. You will also be given a range of additional options when playing certain types of games.

For example if you choose to play slots via the Auto Play option you can choose just how many seconds or fractions of a second there will be between spins and also set it to stop automatically if your casino account balance grows by a set number of coins or credits or if it drops to a certain amount.

Not only that but if you choose to play bonus video slot games you can also set the Auto Play to stop automatically as soon as a bonus feature round has been triggered, and as such this will enable you to then watch those bonus games playing off one by one if you are doing something else as the games are playing off automatically!

There is one other major benefit of using Auto Play whether you use it in conjunction with the Tabbed Browser or not when you are playing games such as Video Poker and that is the Auto Play will automatically play the best strategy for the game you are playing and will hold and discard the correct cards to make sure no playing error occurs, so you will always be playing the very best strategy with it switched on and in play!

More Game Games Means More Fun

There are so many different games available on Microgaming’s fully downloadable gaming platform that in an average session you are only going to be able to play a fraction of them, and with new games being loaded onto this gaming platform you are going to have even more games to get stuck into playing, and it is not only new slots games they release!

You will find plenty of different new video poker games offered, the occasional new progressive slot game, and with newly enhanced classic card and tables always being released it may pay dividends for you to test out one of these casino sites and that downloadable gaming platform for yourself.

Remember that all of our featured casino sites are giving away to new players some massive sign up welcome bonuses and as soon as you become a regular playing at those casinos you will benefit from ongoing promotional offers.

It is also worth noting that many Microgaming downloadable casino sites also have daily slot tournaments on offer, this is something that you will not find offered on their mobile or instant play gaming platforms, and some of those slot tournaments are free to enter and have large cash prizes up for grabs!


Why not give one of the many Microgaming downloadable casino sites a try, for you are able to give their range of games and all of the additional options and features in a demo mode and guest log in, which will see you being able to play around with all of the software settings to tailor your own type of gaming session whilst also being able to play many of their games.

With over 850 games on offer via the downloadable gaming platform you really will find a plethora of games you will be itching to play and there are a lot more games on offer on a downloadable gaming platform than there are available on an instant play platform!



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