Are Multi-Ball Roulette Games High Risk Games?

Are Multi-Ball Roulette Games High Risk Games?

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Updated August 26, 2022

Are Multi-Ball Roulette Games High Risk Games

There does seem to be an endless supply of different Roulette game variants available to online players, and one game that you will often come across when you log into any casino site is a game known as Multi-Ball Roulette.

When playing that game you will find that there is more than one ball in play on the wheel, and as such, when you place for example one chip on a single number, and there are let’s say three balls are in play on the wheel the game forces you to have to place three chips on that single number.

The reason why the game forces you to do so is that each of the three balls will spin independently, and as such your three bets cover each spin of those three balls, so in effect you could win three times if your chosen number is spun in via each ball!

Therefore, when playing Multi-Ball Roulette games they are very high risk games to play, for whilst you could win up to three times from each wheel spin, you could also lose three times as quickly too if your number doesn’t spin in when compared to a single ball Roulette game!

Low House Edge Roulette Game Variants

The lowest house edge Roulette game you are going to find is the French Roulette game, the house edge on that game can be as low as 1.35%, but that is only when you place your bets and wagers on any of the even money paying betting propositions.

If you place any other type of bet on the French Roulette games betting layout then the house edge of those other bets are the same as they are on the European Roulette game, and for reference that games house edge is fairly reasonable and low working out at some 2.70%.

One of the worst Roulette games you can play in regards to its house edge, is the American Roulette game variant, for due to the fact it has two zeros on its wheel and no increase in the payouts due to that additional double zero when compared to the payouts on offer on the above two named games the house edge on that variant is a very unappealing 5.26%.

Most progressive Roulette games have an even higher house edge than that of the American variant and that is due to the way those games force players to have to pay and place a bonus side bet wager to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

Avoid Placing Bonus Bets

It can be exciting hen you first come across a Roulette game that offers something different, and many FOBT players in the UK often come across some weird and wonderful looking Roulette game variants when playing Roulette in betting shops on those fixed odds betting terminals.

However, what you have to always keep in mind is that most if not all of the newer and much better looking and unique Roulette games tend to offer a range of additional betting opportunities that are not available on the much more standard variants.

There is a reason such games can and do offer a range of bonus bets and even side bets and that is due to the fact they make more money for the game operators than the base game alone!

As such you will always be best advised to avoid playing any type of Roulette games that offer side bets and bonus wagering opportunities, for you will often end up paying for those wagers opportunities through the high house edges attached to each of them!


With so many different Roulette game variants on offer to you as an online casino player, you will be best advised to play a range of different variants to see just which ones you like playing the most.

I could also encourage you to try out some of the live gaming platforms that quite a number of our featured casino sites also have on offer to their players, for you are going to love the way you can interact with your fellow players and also the Dealers.

You will often find that when playing Roulette in a live gaming format you do get a much greater sense of fair play, for even though software driven Roulette games are completely fair, there is no substitute for seeing a real live ball spinning around a physical Roulette wheel!

However, it is of course up to you just which Roulette games you end up playing, and there are certainly more than enough different variants available online, and with both a free play a real money mode available on those games you can always play for free if you would rather not play for real money.

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With so many different Roulette game variants on offer to you as an online casino player, you will be best advised to play a range of different variants to see just which ones you like playing the most.



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