How Do Side Bets Work on Roulette Games?

How Do Side Bets Work on Roulette Games?

Staff Writer
October 28, 2017

If you are used to playing some of the more standard Roulette game variants then you may be blissfully unaware that there are a new breed of such games that are going to allow you to place a range of different side bet options alongside your standard normal bets.

Those side bets are going to open up and offer you the chance of winning a range of different bonus payments, but only if you have placed the respective side bets and then see the result required on one or more spins of the wheel to award you with those bonus winning payouts.

In this guide I will be letting you know about a range of different side bet options that are going to become available to you at various different online casino sites and will be letting you know how you place those best and what you can win when you do so.

The one most important thing to be aware of is that all Roulette side best have fairly large house edges, so when placing such bets you need to keep that fact in mind.

Progressive Roulette Side Bets

There is often an obligatory side bet you are going to be forced and required to have to place alongside your standard base game bets when you are playing progressive Roulette games and as such always factor the cost of those obligatory side bets into your bankroll when playing such games.

The way in which a progressive Roulette game is going to award players with its jackpot payout can and will vary, however some of the most standard types of those games will ward their jackpots when one number has been spun in consecutively a certain number of times.

The house edge of such side bets however are huge and the actually chances of you winning a progressive jackpot on such games is tiny so never get obsessed with trying to win such a jackpot as not many people do.

The best time to play a progressive jackpot Roulette game will be when its jackpot is higher than it has ever been before, for whilst there are going to be no guarantees that you will actually win that jackpot, the higher the jackpot is the lower the theoretical house edge on those side bets you are required to place to have a chance of winning that jackpot will become.

Roulette Number Grouping Side Bets

There are plenty of unique Roulette game variants that you are going to come across at many different casino sites and plenty of those unique variants are going to be offering you a range of different side betting opportunities.

One commonly found type of side bet will see you placing your bonus bet onto a certain number grouping and what you will be hoping happens after you have placed that side bet is that any of the numbers that make up that grouping then spins in.

If it does a range of bonus payouts will then be awarded to you each time any of those numbers in that grouping continue to spin in on consecutive spins.

Some of the newer Roulette games will also have an additional ball well, and when you place a side bet on that ball well and the ball actually lands in it then you may get a bonus payout or some form of bonus game will then be triggered and awarded to you.

Make sure though, that you always read through the help files of any online Roulette game that does offer any form of side bet to familiarize yourself with what the bonus payouts are and how they are going to be awarded to you!


It is very true to say that you can have some remarkable winning streaks and sessions when playing Roulette games, even if you have only chosen to play with the chip value settings set very low, and that is why Roulette games in general are so popular with players.

However, sadly due to the way that all Roulette games that do offer any form or type of side bet opportunity have been designed is that the side bets come with a much higher house edge.

It is therefore important that you do not get too carried away placing side bet wagers, for due to the significantly higher house edges attached to those additional betting opportunities they can very quickly eat away at your bankroll.

But having said that those side bets could be ones on which do you win a very large amounts of cash every now and then so I would never put you off playing them, as long as you do remember that the more side bets you play the higher risk factor you will then have in play on that gaming session.



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