Are Bonus Picking Games Predetermined?

Are Bonus Picking Games Predetermined?

Staff Writer
October 28, 2016

cashville-slotWhen you do play a range of different video slots, you will often find that a bonus game can be triggered and awarded to you, one of which could be a pick to win styled bonus game. One of the most frequent questions we are asked in regards to those types of bonus games is whether they are predetermined.

Well, there are two different ways that a slot game designer will design and structure the bonus game on such slots, the first being as completely random bonus games, meaning that underneath each of the locations is a set number of coins, but it will be your luck in picking them off as to whether you will reveal a high valued set of coins or a low valued set of coins.

Some slot designers will have a predetermined type of bonus game on such slots, and as such when playing those slot games, it doesn’t matter which locations and icons you click on via the bonus screen the slot will award you with the one it wants you to win!

The easiest way to tell just what type of picking bonus game you are playing off on any slot offering that type of bonus game is to see what happens when you make your selections. If the slot then reveals what was hiding behind each of the locations on the bonus game screen that slot was offering a non-predetermined bonus game, if it doesn’t reveal the symbols then that bonus game was a predetermined one!

Pick and Match Slot Bonus Games

There is another type of slot game bonus feature game that works in a similar type of way to a pick and win one that being the pick and match bonus games. The aim of those bonus games is to keep on picking off locations from the bonus game until you get a matching set of coin values, bonus feature symbols or even progressive jackpot logos.

Once you reveal a certain number of matching symbols or cash amounts the bonus game will award you with that payout or the respective bonus game or even a progressive jackpot.

Those bonus games are very similar to pick and win ones in as much as some are predetermined and some are not, the way to tell just which is which is the same as on the pick and match bonus games.

So once you have played off the pick and match bonus game if the slot shows you what was underneath each of the positions on the bonus screen that bonus game was not a predetermined one. If on the other hand the slot doesn’t reveal what is hiding underneath each location, then that slot offers a predetermined bonus game on which you have no real control over what you can win when playing it off as it was predetermined right from the start when it was awarded to you!

Tips for Playing Bonus Game Awarding Slots

The way in which the bonus game on which you have to play off a pick to win bonus feature will often be by you lining up at least three of the bonus symbols attached to those slots.

However, those symbols must line up on an activated pay line, and that is an important fact, for if you play such a slot and do not put into play every single pay line on offer then you will have a much reduced chance of trigging that bonus game.

Therefore, the very best way to play such slots is to ensure that on every single base game spin you send spinning and into play you activate all of the pay lines. To make that affordable to your bankroll you should also adjust the coin values and possibly the number of coins you wager on each pay line.

The number of base game spins that it will take to trigger such a bonus game will of course vary depending on just how luck you are, however by playing all pay lines you will always have the maximum chance of triggering that bonus game!

Where to Play Pick and Match Bonus Game Slots

If you fancy giving some of the slots offering pick and win or even pick and match slot games, then you are going to find hundreds of them available at many of our featured casino sites. Some of those sites use the NetEnt range of slot games many of which can and do offer some potentially high paying bonus games.

You will be made very welcome at any of those casinos and if you have not yet played such a slot they will additionally let you test them out for free and at no risk, so you can play them for as long as you fancy doing so and won’t have to pay anything to do so!



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