Free Spins or Pick to Win Bonus Games, which are Best?

Free Spins or Pick to Win Bonus Games, which are Best?

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July 3, 2014

Free Spins or Pick to Win Bonus Games, which are Best

As there are never any shortages of slot games that you can play online that offer one or more different types of bonus games, which you trigger when playing the base game of those slots, today we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of each of the more commonly triggered and awarded bonus feature rounds.

You may enjoy playing bonus video slots that will award you with scatter symbol triggering free spins or bonus symbol awarding pick to win or pick to match bonus games, but if you are new to playing these types of bonus game awarding slots then do have a look through this slot playing guide, as it may assist you in finding a slot game online that you enjoy playing!

Benefits of Playing Free Spins Awarding Slots

The main appeal of slot games on which you can be awarded with a set of free spins, is that many of them use scatter symbols to award their free spins feature rounds. This does of course mean that you are never forced to have to play all of the paylines offered on such a video slot game as the scatters can and will trigger the bonus game irrespective of how many paylines you put into play when scatter symbols are used to trigger them!

However, it is worth noting that if you are playing a video slot with just one payline in play and you trigger the free spins feature round, you are going to have fewer chances of spinning in several winning combinations per spin as you would do when playing more than one payline!

So if you can afford to do so always play with the maximum number of paylines in play, or as many of them as you can afford when playing video slots offering free spins, as this will guarantee you have more chances of winning big than when activating and putting into play one or just a tiny number of the available paylines a slot has on offer!

Pros and Cons of Pick and Match Bonus Games

When you are playing some online slot games you will often trigger what are known as pick and match type bonus games. These games will often guarantee that you will, at the very least, win a set amount of coins whenever the bonus game is triggered.

The way the bonus games works on these pick and match type slot game bonus features is relatively straight forward to understand, you are faced with several items or positions and locations on a  bonus game screen and you have to pick them off one at a time until you get a matching set of symbols uncovered.

These types of bonus games are often triggered via bonus symbols which have to line up one activated paylines, so the downside of playing these slots is that you will have a better chance of triggering the bonus games when playing maximum paylines, which may be too expensive for some players!

Bonus Picking Game Awarding Video Slots

There are two main types of slot games that can award a bonus pick to win type of bonus game. Some slots will see you picking off the bonus game screen a predetermined number of positions, locations or symbols as soon as a set of bonus symbols line up on any activated payline you have put into play.

These types of slots will also award a winning payout which is always within two different amounts of cash and the amount of money you wagered on the base game spin is going to determine what two sets of figures your winning payout will fall within the boundaries of.

These slots can quite often become boring to play for you are always going to know that you will never win some huge winning payouts due to the predetermined payout amounts that you will win when one of the bonus games is triggered.

By far the best type of pick to win bonus games you can trigger when playing online bonus video slot games are those which let you pick off one location, symbols or position at a time, and as long as you reveal a cash amount you can then keep on picking.

These types of slot will therefore give you the chance of winning some very sizeable amounts of cash, as the bonus game will only end when you uncover a Collect, or a Stop type of symbol under the location you picked off the bonus game screen.

However, the downside of these types of bonus games is that you can often find that you uncover a Stop or Collect symbol on one of your very first picks, and when that happens a few times on the trot when you have been awarded the bonus games several times then you are going to get rather annoyed with the slot as the winning payouts will be very low.

Why not check out and play several different pick to win bonus game awarding slots via the free play options available at all of our featured casino sites, as by doing so you can play each game until the bonus game is triggered, at no financial risk, and then see which ones you enjoy playing the most and then give those slots some real money action when you are good and ready to!


As you have just found out, there are several different factors to take into account when you are playing any video slot game on which you can trigger one or more different types of bonus game feature rounds.

Also be prepared to try playing slot games that you may never have played before, as each slot is random you will never really know just how much you are going to win until the respective bonus feature game has finally been played off, and that is why these types of slots as opposed to the older classic slot games are much more enjoyable and exciting to play!



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