Advantages of Playing Face-Up Blackjack Games

Advantages of Playing Face-Up Blackjack Games

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August 22, 2014

Perks of Face Up Blackjack

There is often a fair amount of excitement when novice blackjack players first come across the range of online blackjack game variants which are designed with a playing structure on which the dealer will deal out his cards face up instead of face down in all stages of the game.

For when playing the more standard types of blackjack games players will be used to having only their hand, and of course any other players hands when you are playing multi player variants dealt face up, and seeing the dealer also dealing out his first initial card face up this will then allow you to see what card he is holding and also will allow you to base your playing and betting decisions on what you can see.

In this face up blackjack playing guide we are going to enlighten you on both the pros and cons of playing these types of blackjack variants and let you know whether they are worth your time and effort tracking them down and playing them online or whether they are game you should not consider playing at all!

It should be noted that not all online casinos have a face up blackjack game on offer and below you will find information on those casinos using certain gaming and software platforms that do offer such a range of games.

Benefits of Playing Microgaming’s Double Exposure Game

If you play at Microgaming powered casino sites then you will have plenty of different blackjack game variants at your disposal, they have standard classic games along with plenty of brand new variants which make up their range of Gold Series games which come with enhanced graphics and animations.

In fact you will also find both live blackjack games and progressive blackjack variants on offer and will also be able to play single hand and multi hand blackjack games, so it is safe to say you really will have a lot of choice if you choose to play at casino using this gaming platform!

The Microgaming face up blackjack game variant is known as their Double Exposure Blackjack game, and when playing his variant online you will find that every card the dealer deals out, whether to his hand or to the player’s hands are dealt face up.

You do however need to be aware that this variant is played with 8 decks of playing cards in the shoe all of which are shuffled before any game begins and the dealer is going to hit any soft 17 valued hand and will give players the option of doubling down as soon as they have been dealt out an initial two card hand worth a value of 9, 10 or 11.

The house edge on Microgaming’s Double Exposure Blackjack game will, when you play every single hand optimally, work out at 69% which sadly is nowhere near as low and appealing as most of their other blackjack game variants, so you will not get many if any benefits of playing his game due to that slightly higher than average house edge!

Real Time Gaming’s Face Up 21 Blackjack Game Variant

Should you be a regular player at a Real Time Gaming powered online casino site then you will know there is a small yet quite diverse range of blackjack games on offer at these sites, and one of their many different blackjack game variants that is played with the dealer dealing out his and your cards all facing upwards is the quite aptly named Face Up 21 Blackjack game.

This game is almost identical in its design to the one offered at Microgaming powered casino sites and as such you will find it is an eight deck game and one that offers a house edge higher than Microgaming’s working out at 0.85%.

The game play rules will always see the dealer having to hit a soft 17 hand or anything lower in value and players can of course double down when they have been dealt out an initial two card had that adds up to either 9, 10 or 11.

Sadly for players who like the concept of the dealer always showing his hand by dealing his cards face up, there are no benefits what so ever of playing this variant online, for even with perfectly playing strategy which by the way you should always adopt, there are several other variants of blackjack available at RTG powered sites that have much lower house edges and are therefore much more appealing to players.


Please spend some time having a good look around our website for it is packed with very informative and in-depth Blackjack playing guides that are going to enable you to quickly and very easily locate the blackjack games that by their designed and built in house edge will give you an increase chance of winning when playing those games.

The face up type of blackjack games as you have just found out can look very attractive games to play when you first see them due to the way they have been designed, however even though you can see the dealers cards this in no way increases your winning opportunities as the house edge on those games and variants are very high.

In fact why not log onto either a Real Time Gaming or Microgaming powered casino site, we have several top rated casinos using those two gambling platforms listed around our website and give their face up blackjack games some play time, and then give some of their low house edge blackjack games a try for by doing so you will see for yourself just how better playing and paying those other variants are!



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