Different Blackjack Game Playing Features

Different Blackjack Game Playing Features

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March 31, 2014

Different Blackjack Game Playing Features

When it comes to playing casino card games online many players tend to stick to games such as Blackjack as these games are quite easy to play and do not take too long to get used to playing, and of course Blackjack games do have low house edges which many players find appealing!

Today we have chosen to take a look at the many different game playing features that you are going to some across playing any of the huge number of different Blackjack game variants offered at all online casino sites, so do spend some time reading through this article as it may answer a few questions you may have always wanted to ask about some Blackjack games!

Auto Play Perfect Strategy Feature

One handy feature that can be found attached to many online Blackjack games is the Auto Play feature, now it is worth noting that whilst you can indeed choose to set any preset number of games to be played automatically at most online casino sites, you do need to be 100% confident that as those hands are automatically being played out the best playing strategy is being used to make the respective betting and playing decisions!

So with this in mind always read through the game play rules and see if you can view the actual base game strategy that is going to be used when any Blackjack game is being played automatically, and if so do compare it to the perfect playing strategy for that particular game to see if the game is going to give you the best house edge when being played via the Auto Play settings, and if not then play that game manually!

Shuffle Feature

You do need to keep in mind that to ensure fair play many online casinos will have a full shuffle of all of the cards in their cyber shoe of cards before you set a new game into play. This does of course mean if you are thinking of monitoring the cards which have been discarded for card counting purposes then you are not going to be able to do so when playing at random number generated, software driven casino sites.

However, you will be able to count cards when playing at some online casinos, and to do this you will have to play at a site using the Live Dealer games, for as these particular Blackjack games use real Dealers using real decks of cards then you will be able to keep track of each card that has been put into play and which cards have been discarded!

High Stake Betting Options

You often find that there is a standard set of Blackjack games on offer at some casino sites online on which you will find a similar spread of stake options available. However some of the more well known gaming platforms have a standalone suite of High Stake Blackjack games on offer.

It is worth noting however that when opting to play any online Blackjack game for higher than average stakes you need to ensure the game has attached to it the lowest house edge, for by doing so you will be getting the best value from every single hand you play!

Sometimes you are only going to be given access to these High Stakes Blackjack games once your VIP level at the casino has been increased, if you are new to playing at any online casino and you do wish to play for high stake levels then you can always ask the casino support staff to put you in touch with one of the VIP Hosts who will usually be able to increase the stake levels available on the Blackjack games for you.

Bonus Bet Options and Features

Let us now give you a few words of wisdom in regards to bonus bets that a lot of Blackjack games will let you place in addition to your standard base game bet wagers. There are a huge range of Blackjack game variants that offer these types of optional side bets, but they often come with a price!

Obviously you do have to place an additional side bet to get the chance of winning one of the bonus payouts when a certain hand combination gets dealt out to you, but that is not the only price you will end up paying as every single bonus bet option comes with its own house edge, and it is often the case that the house edge on the bonus bets are so large they are not worth placing!

We have seen many Blackjack games which offer a bonus type wager with house edges over twenty times larger than the base game house edge, and that fact alone will result in your winning chances become much lower each time you place a bonus type wager!

Progressive Jackpot Features

As some Blackjack game variants you will come across online may boast a progressive jackpot, you may be wondering if those particular variants are worth playing. Sadly as mentioned in the above section, whenever you play these variants the progressive jackpot can only be won when you place some form of additional progressive bonus side bet.

That extra bet has a massive house edge attached to it, and even though the current size of the progressive jackpot offered on any Blackjack game offering such a jackpot may be enormous, you will not only be getting very poor value out of placing such a wager but the actual chances of you winning that jackpot will be negligible!


There is more to playing Blackjack online than simply choosing any variant to play and then placing your stakes down onto the table and clicking on the deal button! Spend some time researching which are the best Blackjack variants to play and also do hunt around for the best Blackjack bonuses and Blackjack comps as they can vary in size and value deposing on just which casino site you are playing at!



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