Will Zynga Join the Online Poker Bandwagon?

Will Zynga Join the Online Poker Bandwagon?

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January 25, 2012

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, one of Facebook’s most popular games might be shifting their stance on real money poker as reports said that Zynga’s Mark Pincus recently acquired the poker tracking software developer MarketZero. Pincus has the company’s 16-man roster overhauling Texas Hold ‘Em.

The legalization of poker can cause the loss of Zynga’s major piece of the social media poker in just a few months. With online gambling legal in most countries, there reports saying that there is a future between Facebook and Social Gaming with games like online poker. And it won’t mean that Texas Hold ‘Em would rule in that field as it’s no secret that despite their high profie in the tech world, Zynga isn’t the raging success everyone predicted them to be. Their user base was one of the top but now but the number of players has been shrinking by millions every month.

While they have the large percentage of poker players, many recommend that they do the transition to real money play before Facebook allow legal site gaming in countries where online gambling is legal as it can greatly affect the future of gaming technology. When that time comes Texas Hold ‘Em could lose a very big percentage of their player base.

So there is really nothing that holds off Zynga from plunging into the online gambling business. Pairing up with a licensedUKpoker room partially clears up the fog of following that track after they have purchased a poker tracking software firm to redesign their site. The chance of them losing players who don’t want to pay for a game is very high but they would be catering to the opposite market which lucky for them, exists. Also, the time to create a poker site right now is the best time since getting established early will have an edge over serious competition like other tech/gaming teams namely Google and Bwin.

Going into the business would give benefit for the company when it comes to getting a quick fix cash that money gaming could obviously provide. However, the result when going public would be continuous demands of investors to keep increasing revenues year in and year out.

Despite of the online poker business going on a roller coaster ride the past 12 months, beginning on Black Friday when a couple of poker sites was shut down, the battle of gambling sites against the Department of Justice to stay open and now the prepping up of these sites and many more after the legalization of online poker, it has been a great turnabout on the part of the gambling business and who knows, it might be the big break operators of these poker sites have been long waiting for.

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