UK Online Casinos and Sports Betting Continue To Grow

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

Last week we brought you the news that gambling in the United Kingdom bought the economy around £2.3billion in 2011 alone, a significant figure we’re sure you will agree. Today we can break those figures down even further for you, figures that just go to show how important online casinos and sports books are to the UK economy.

Since 2008 the growth in online casinos and sports books has been nothing short of phenomenal, as figures show an 80% increase in just four years. When you consider that many major retailers have gone to the wall during the same period it makes those figures even more impressive.

Sports betting accounts for 44% of the market, a market that has increased 102% in just four years, which equates to a sum of just over £1billion. Online casinos are showing a significant increase as well, and during the last four years have grown 79% and now account for 23% of the overall market.

Bingo accounts for 17% of the market share and poker 15%, with the bingo market showing a huge increase of 155% since 2008 and Poker showing an increase of just 8%. These figures can be broken down even further to show which companies are leading the way. William Hill are the leaders of the pack with a 15% share of the market, closely followed by Ladbrokes, Betfair, Bet365 and Paddy Power all of whom have an equal share of 11%.

So all in all the figures just go to show how important online casinos and sports betting are to the UK economy. No doubt the figures will please all of the shareholders at these particular companies, but the figures will just add fuel to the fire for the detractors of online casinos and online sports betting.