The Horseshoe Casino Makes the Transition from Caesars Entertainment to Rock Gaming

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

The Horseshoe Casino will have some changes coming their way that include a reward program as well as getting a new name eventually.
In the middle of the year 2016 there will be three facilities that will be exclusively operated by Rock Gaming.  The company announced on Monday that they have begun the transition of operations of the Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati, the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland as well as the ThistleDown Rasino from Caesars Entertainment to Rock Gaming.
In a news release on Monday, the CEO of Rock Gaming stated that this is an exciting time for them at Rock Gaming as they are very enthusiastic to take over the reins of the day-to-day operation of these Casinos.  Rock Gaming views this as a chance to influence their unique culture as well as their immense network of companies in order to grow their business as well as further connect each of the Casinos to the downtown areas where they are located.
With this new ownership comes a new loyalty program.  The Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland will no longer be offering the Total Rewards program.  Under the new management of Rock Gaming the Tier Status, Reward Credits as well as Tier Credits of their guest will be rolled over to the new program.  These guests will now be able to use this new program at Caesars Casinos as well. The rebranding process of this new program may continue into the end of the year 2016, stated Rock Gaming.
As for the current employees of the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland, they will be able to keep their jobs.
Their top priority is to make this transition from Caesars Entertainment to Rock Gaming as seamless as possible for the 3,600 new members of the team as well as the millions of guest.