Taj Mahal is Shuddering in Atlantic City

Taj Mahal is Shuddering in Atlantic City

Staff Writer
November 17, 2014

The large casino that is located in Atlantic City has been trying hard and keeping their head just above the surface to continue playing and providing the games that everyone enjoys playing, as well. However, they have found that pretending everything is okay is going to catch up with them at some point. Unless they can make a come back in the coming weeks, or if someone is able to adopt them somehow, they are going to have to close their doors and move on with their lives.

Signed Documents

They have recently signed their documents stating that they are going to be closing their doors next month. Even though they have had many good years, the recent downturn has taken them down with it. Not only are there fewer players, but they just are not making enough funds to break even with what they owe. This is a big thing that they just cannot continue to go by with, the more debt, the worse off they are going to be when it comes to trying to continue the casino – it is better if they just close their doors.

Being one of the 12 different casinos that has closed on the Atlantic City strip just this year alone, there is a lot left to wonder about for the remaining few, and for those that are opening up around the country. How many are going to actually make it? How many are going to have to close their doors and see financial hardships much like this casino, and the many others have? This is a big thing that so many casino operators and city officials are not considering.

If Atlantic City casinos are going down, what is in store for the other casinos being placed throughout other cities in the US?

As for right now, we are keeping an eye on the casinos that are closing not only in Atlantic City but those in other states, as well. We will continue to keep you updated right here on Casinos Online so that you’re able to know which ones are still running, and which have closed their doors for good.



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