Swiss Federal Government Look Set To Legalise Online Gambling

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

Over recent months there have been plenty of news stories regarding online gaming in America, as more states look to join Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada in offering a legal form of online gambling. The European country of Switzerland are also considering the introduction of an internet gambling service, with the government publishing a new bill enabling online gambling to take place.

The Swiss Federal Government have just published their first draft of the new regulated online gambling bill, a bill that will allow land based casinos in the country the chance to offer this particular service. At present the bill is only offering Swiss Casinos the chance to offer regulated internet gambling as there is no mention of overseas operators being allowed to offer this service.

The bill also states that all winnings from online gambling will be free from any tax, and small poker tournaments will be allowed outside of land based casinos, though restrictions will apply, but as yet it has not been made clear as to what those restrictions are.

The bill is now out for ‘consultation’ until Wednesday 20th August when the Swiss Government will reconvene, with the Government leaving licensing regulations and policies up to the country’s 26 cantons.