Swedish Gaming Market On the Rise

Swedish Gaming Market On the Rise

Staff Writer
November 20, 2017
Latest news about the Swedish gaming market
Swedish gaming market continues the uptrend in fortunes as gamers slowly turn to online operators.

A recently published report reveals the gaming market in Sweden saw an increase of 3% in sales during the first nine months of this year, while it's noticeable that foreign-based companies continue to increase their footprint in this competitive market.

Over the nine-month period ending on September 30, Swedish gaming market recorded a turnover of $1.95 billion.

Numbers Telling the Whole Story

Domestic companies accounted for a little over 75% if that sum, which is pretty much the same result when compared to the last year, while non-Swedish companies increased their market share by 11% for a total of $473.9 million. Non-Swedish companies especially enjoyed a strong third quarter, during which they recorded a 25% jump in their market share.

The state-owned company operating in the regulated gambling market in Sweden, Svenska Spel reported a turnover of $767.6 million, which is 1% less than the company recorded in a corresponding period of last year. The popularity of online games had grown over the year – taking home 15% more money home, while land-based games saw a year-on-year drop of 5%.

ATG had a turnover of $365.5 million, which represents a 5% increase, and the whole online gaming grew by 16%, the land-based games went down by 8%.

Lottery Activities

When it comes to lottery activities, Svenska Postkodföreningen recorded revenue of $200.4 million, a percent less money than the company generated during the same period of last year. Folk games, with Bingolotto and Sverigelotten, recorded a drop of 2% and completed the period by taking home $41.1 million.

IOGT-NTO, which boasts its Million Lottery, increased the sales by 2% and earned $28.8 million, while SAP / SSU had a turnover of $18.9 million – a year-on-year decrease of 3%.

Other public lotteries grabbed a combined $16.98 million, which is 3% less than last year.

Lottery Inspectorate didn't reveal sales figures for smaller lotteries, land-based bingo, restaurant casinos and local and regional lotteries, which accounted a little over 2% of the market, which translated to $35-$47 million.



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