States to Watch in the US for Online Poker

States to Watch in the US for Online Poker

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April 26, 2012

The reinterpretation of the Federal Wire Act last Christmas has gotten states rise up and run toward the opportunity open for them. This had also set off a race among the states on who will be the first to offer online poker in the US. While everyone thinks that it would be Nevada because of their status and expertise in gambling, a lot of states vowed not to be left behind. Various states had been moving forward, announcing their intent and submitting bills that would make this dream come true.

Affiliate partners feel mad waiting; the progress had been minimal since Christmas and up to now there’s no concrete ‘yes’ to any of the states competing.  The US market offers billions in poker revenue and a big part of that will go to the pockets of the webmasters. They had been itching to hurry up the progress because as each day passes, they’re losing a lot that should be earned.

Instrastate poker, the baby of the legalization of online poker brings vast opportunities, but it is also very difficult to sort out. For starters, all 50 states, the District of Columbia and various Indian tribes could have very different regulations. Sorting this out can be very difficult but it’s necessary for online poker to work out in the US. To help our CAP community members get ready for the US market, here’s a guide to some of the states that are considering legalization and how close they actually are.

Nevada is the furthest along in the race to legalize online poker, it is no surprise at all as they have all the guidelines already drafted from the beginning as they are the country’s gambling pro. Reports indicate that they may have sites up and running by the end of the year.

The Silver State is the most gambling friendly state in the union but their population is quite small for their bearing at 2.7 million. However, their dirt cheap housing prices and the lack of income state tax, full time card players may soon be packing up to transfer.

New Jersey aims to be the first state to offer online poker and be the Silicone Valley of iGaming. They dream big and due to this they have done steps that might allow online gambling in the state by September this year.

Their population of 9 million and their gambling friendly nature also draws affiliates closer.

If California were a country, its economy would be the eight largest in the world. That’s a pretty significant market for anything, including online poker. However, poker legislation is only beginning and there is already resistance from Indian tribes. The latter doesn’t like the idea of splitting the roughly $7  billion they earn on gaming with online competitors.

Affiliates are watching these states along other states such as Florida, Iowa, and Massachusetts. The race to legalize online poker is far from being done and most likely news about it will pour in the coming months.

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