Shuffle Master Changes Name

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

Shuffle Master, a global gaming supplier has publicized that it will now go by the name SHFL Entertainment. CEO of SHFL Entertainment, Gavin Isaacs stated that the change would reflect the company’s “expanded product lines, namely proprietary table games, e-tables, slot machines, utility products and iGaming solutions.”

The name indicates 3 things: The company’s largest product, card shufflers; its NASDAQ Stock Market symbol, SHFL, which was assigned when it went public in 1992; and the company’s growing portfolio of other products and services.

The added offerings, highlighted by the “entertainment” tag, consist of slot machines, roulette chip sorters, table games and online gaming system.

“We believe that our image and name should pay homage to our roots, while at the same time encompass who we are today and accurately reflect all that we have to offer now and in the future,’ said Isaacs. ‘We are truly an entertainment company, providing products that encourage and support a dynamic gaming experience for players and innovative solutions for our customers.’

The company trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange as SHFL.