Second Bidder May be the Winner of the Revel Casino

Second Bidder May be the Winner of the Revel Casino

Staff Writer
December 10, 2014

The Revel casino in Atlantic City shut their doors to those that are coming in and out, they went bankrupt and now the bank is trying to sell the property through auctioning it off. This did not come without a fight as so many people tried to win the piece of property for a prime price in the market. It was won once. However, it was soon found out that the winner was working for someone that is not able to hold a casino license ever again. This person had warrants and other problems on their record, so the judges and some other deliberates had to make the decision on whether or not to push the deal through or have it walk.

The Decision They Came Too…

Was to just give it to the second highest bidder. This bidder might be the lucky winner after all, when it comes to the casino that is up for grabs. They decided that perhaps giving it to the highest bidder was not the best idea since they were working for someone that is not allowed to have a casino or even walk foot into one because of the past discrepancies that they have had on their record. They do not want someone to be able to have access to something like this, since it can become a large problem for not only the casino community, but for the Atlantic City strip, as well.

As for this next bidder, we are sure they are going to be happy with the outcome of being able to hold onto this piece of property and being able to walk away with it, as well. It is something that they can totally flip around and bring back to life on this busy strip. They do not have any marks on their record, which makes it a great thing when it comes to owning a casino, and being able to actually purchase it.

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