Possible Legalization of Online Poker in the US

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Online Poker in the U.S. might be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Two senior Senators have been reported to be close to agreeing on a federal legislation that will legalize online poker throughout the U.S. This legislation will also be simultaneously limiting and tightening restrictions on other forms of online gambling.

Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid is a Democrat from Nevada State, while Republican Minority Jon Kyl hails from Arizona. Both of them are now seeking for support from all their counterparts to legalize online poker. This legislation could be incorporated into the presently pending CyberSecurity Act.

Reid said that both Senator Kyl and he have been working hard on the law. Reid had pointed out that they presently need some support from the Republicans, which hasn’t materialized so far.

An aide who happens to be close to Reid has revealed that Reid is keen on convincing Republican Nevada Senator Dean Heller to help him convince other Republicans. On the other hand, Senator Kyl will be convincing other Republicans to seal the deal.

This legislation will clarify other legalities of other forms of online gambling. Issues on legalities have risen from the new interpretation of the Wire Act that was released by the Justice Department last year. Kyl saw this new interpretation as an opportunity to revise the Wire Act to make sure that it’s made to apply to internet gambling.