Player Wins €100,000 At Tropezia Palace Casino

Player Wins €100,000 At Tropezia Palace Casino

Staff Writer
October 30, 2013

Regular online gamers know that to win big you have to have a little bit of luck along the way, and one player in particular is celebrating today as he walked away with €5 short of €100,000, all of which he won in one evening at Tropezia Palace Casino.

The lucky winner is known as Yves, 43, and he hails from Luxembourg, and over the course of the weekend he hit it big playing his two favourite slots, Rook's Revenge and Extreme. Yves started the evening by playing Rook's Revenge and won a decent sum of €9,661, then he switched over to Extreme and won another €4,030. You would think after winning €13,691 that many people would stop playing and call it a night, but not Yves as he then returned to Rook's Revenge to win another €29,881.

At this point Yves was in profit to the tune of €40,000, but he kept on playing and was regularly winning small amounts until he hit €67,200 back at the Extreme video slot, and a few spins later another €13,690 was won and added to his ever increasing bank roll. At the end of the evening he withdrew €99,995, a sum of money that he will put to good use as he explained to a member of the staff at the Tropezia Palace Casino. He said, “Not to go into details as nothing is set in stone yet, but I am going to buy an apartment and finally ask my long-term partner to help me pick our future home.”

Yves also thanked the casino by saying, “This is by far the largest amount I’ve ever won at any casino ever! Thank you to the staff at Tropezia Palace casino, one of the friendliest casinos around with the biggest amount of games I’ve ever seen.”

Phillip Cortal is the VIP Casino Manager at the Tropezia Palace Casino and he had this to say about his companies latest big winner. He said, “It’s always great to speak to our big winners at our casino, especially as Yves has been one of our VIPs for a few months now. So to hear his delight and the difference this money will make to his life is a real pleasure.”

Here at Casinos Online we love to hear of these news stories and this one in particular is all the more pleasing as the lucky winner will not only be be buying a new home, but asking his long term partner to move in with him as well.



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