Owner of the Rising Star Casino Plans to Move Half of Casino to Indianapolis

Owner of the Rising Star Casino Plans to Move Half of Casino to Indianapolis

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August 12, 2015

Due to a company- plan to construct a $650 million casino-anchored lifestyle center in Indianapolis the Rising Star Casino Resort will be losing half of its table games as well as half of its slot machines.

The casino’s parent company, Full House Resorts based in Las Vegas is looking for legislative authorization for the 700,000 square foot complex within the Indianapolis International Airport.  Within this complex there will also be a movie theater, a conference center, office space, condominiums as well as a 25 – villa boutique hotel that will be used mostly by the casinos high rollers.

The executives of the Full House Resort state that they plan to move half of the Rising Star’s gambling capacity, this would be approximately 15 gaming tables as well as 500 slot machines to the new development that will be called “American Place.”  They are projecting that this new casino will attract 10 to 15 million patrons yearly.  The owners would like to open this new casino within a three to five year period.

While Indiana has a restriction on increasing gambling within the state as rivalry from other states has exhausted demand.  The CEO of Full House states that his proposal will not increase the operations of gambling, but instead transfer them from the Rising Star to American Place.  He states that the Rising Star operates in an over-supplied region in Greater Cincinnati.  By only moving half of the Rising Star will preserve their gambling operation that is located approximately 40 miles from Downtown Cincinnati.

The CEO also stated that they are merely intending to transfer gaming positions within Indiana; they are not looking for approval for any new positions.  They are proposing to transfer roughly half of the gaming capability from the over supplied existing casino, so that it does not amplify the number of endorsed gaming positions within Indiana.  The projected interest in Indianapolis will profit the city of Rising Sun as well as help keep the southern Indiana interest feasible.



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