NMi Gets Approval From Autonomous Madrid

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

NMi, a Dutch firm that handles game testing, certification, calibration and training, has recently made an announcement that they have been approved to examine and certify all kinds of online games in the autonomous region of Madrid. Certification and testing of online games will also include online slot machines.

The firm came out with a statement that this accreditation has followed a similar approval from the Spanish National Gambling Commission. It has also been passed by authorities from Quebec, Jersey and Denmark.

Giles Bones of NMi-Spain said that Madrid is an attractive proposition to operators who put focus on reel-based games but have not been able to offer them under their national licenses. They presently have 53 national operator licenses issued, which other operators could also already apply for.

Their Madrid license will pave the way for national licensees to gain a foothold with the slot-playing audience. They will offer a full range of games which are available nationally including slot games to a significant proportion of players in the autonomous region of Madrid.

NMi stated that the Madrid license has strengthened their commitment to their market in Spain. They are both accredited by the Direccion General De Ordenacion Del Juego and most of the nation’s autonomous regions. This allows them to test and approve all iGaming systems and game types for national licenses.

“Online gaming companies do not need to have a prior national license in order to apply for a regional license”, read a statement from NMi. But they also forewarn operators that the scope of the license will only be limited to those residing in the autonomous region of Madrid.