New York Treasurer Says More Cash is Spent on Lottery

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

The NYS Lottery is now going up and officials are wondering why.

All it takes is a dollar and a dream they say, so when the lottery amounts suddenly start rising, so many people are wondering why that is and where the money is coming from? This is just something that comes with spending a little bit extra so that they can bring home the grand prize. It is actually quite funny since the casinos for the area have also been approved, which means that they are getting the cash from someone else other than the casinos that were thought to bring in so much more income.

Are The Casinos Bringing it in?

This is a good question. Many of them are still in the works so many officials think that the increase in lottery spending is due to the patrons getting ready to spend more when it comes to the casinos and when they open. Many people are feeling luckier these times, and with that being said, if they can just guess the numbers right then they will be able to get much more out of the play then they really could without playing.

Since the government officials are being so nice about gambling, so many more people are feeling like they can when it comes to slapping their money down on the lottery and being able to take something away from it. When they win cash, they will then know that they did the right thing after all. The government seems to be loving it, since they have raked in hundreds of thousands of extra dollars off of the lottery alone, so they can only imagine what the other casinos that are put up are going to bring at the same time.

Do you think you gamble more, or would you if you were in the New York area where gambling was just legalized when it came to putting new casinos in the area? Of course, these people need a license to have people gamble there but people feel more safe knowing that they can now play the games for cash. Would you feel the same way, as well?