New Bedford Casino Drops Deal

New Bedford Casino Drops Deal

Staff Writer
July 23, 2015

The deal has gone dead after so long of trying. This was something that many people could see happening in the near future, and their thoughts were right. The deal was dropped and then left dead. So this means that there is nothing going into the warehouse that now sits there and was once going to be sold off to someone else. This is something that might come as a surprise to those that were once a part of the deal, but after waiting so long and going through the motions and the legal aspects of it all, there is only so much that could have been done for the casino.

The Deal is Now Dead and Gone, But Not Forgotten

They decided to end the deal because the funds to make it happen were just too much, too high for them to deal with. This is something that might have gotten a bit out of hand, but it is also something that made for a good plan in the end because they wanted to ensure that it was up and ready to go. With this being said, nothing could have been better than having the casino up and ready to go.

As of now, they are looking to resell the property to someone else that wishes to use it, whether it is for something casino related or not. It is a prime piece of property that they purchased in a great deal, and want to provide someone else with the chance to develop the area into something that can be used to the greatest extent. This is a big consideration to make, and one that came with a lot of thought on the subject and it might have been just too risky of a process.

As of right now, there are no bidders that are lining up for the property but as time moves forward, we can cover those that might be in the running for a spot of the land and what they might be able to turn it into when they are finished with it.



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