National Lottery Ticket Sales Reach All Time High

National Lottery Ticket Sales Reach All Time High

Staff Writer
May 17, 2013

Despite the economic down turn that the world is experiencing right now online casinos, poker rooms, sports books and lottery companies are increasingly reporting an increase in sales. Camelot who run The National Lottery in The UK are no different as today they have announced record figures for the past year.

This morning Camelot have announced that ticket sales for The National Lottery totalled a staggering £6.9billion for the last financial year, which was an increase of 2.4%. Now that is excellent news for Camelot, who also announced that ticket sales have increased by just over 50% in the last 10 years, and last year alone they saw nearly £1.2million of sales online too.

Andy Duncan is The Managing Director of Camelot and he had this to say about the news this morning. He said, “With almost £2billion delivered for the Good Causes, over £3.6billion paid out in prizes and 365 new millionaires, that's one every single day, the National Lottery broke all records in 2012/13.”

MR Duncan went on to add, “We're now up to almost £1.2m on sales online. We're trying to make sure players can access games when they want to. Looking ahead, we are determined to build on this year's successes by continuing to give our players what they want any time, anywhere.”

Camelot did not report any news on their profits this morning, but the early indications are that last years figures are thought to be in the region of £55million, a figure that is just under 1% of their ticket sales. It remains to be seen if Camelot can build on today's figures because later this year they are increasing the ticket price from £1 to £2, but the smallest prize will be raised from £10 up to £25. When the news broke earlier this year message boards across the country were swamped with people moaning about the price increase, but a possible prize of £25 for just a £2 stake is a great return on investment and one that is bigger than the current prize structure.



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