Multi Player Mobile Roulette Launched At Big Fish Casino

Multi Player Mobile Roulette Launched At Big Fish Casino

Staff Writer
June 7, 2013

If you have ever been to a real life casino you will know what great fun it is to play with other people on the Roulette and Blackjack tables. Playing online is also great fun, especially for those of you that have celebrated big wins in the past, but there is never the same feeling of having someone sitting next to you like in a real casino. Big Fish Games have now launched their first ever synchronous multi player mobile roulette game into its mobile social casino, so if you like to interact with other players then head on over to Big Fish right now.

The roulette game at Big Fish is one of the most common variations there is, European, and up to six players at any one time can play at one of the tables. As you would expect in a real life casino players can watch the others place their bets in real time as they wait for the wheel to be spun.

Carey DiJulio is the Vice President and General Manager of Big Fish Casino and she feels that her company have brought a “true feel and excitement” to their players. She said, “The fun of roulette is playing with other people. This was not just a feature, it was the main part of play for us, as we understand that winning and losing while others are watching heightens the play. Adding roulette to ‘Big Fish Casino UK' is one more way Big Fish is bringing the true feel and excitement of casino entertainment to our mobile players any time and any where.”

It sounds as if Big Fish have hit the nail on the head and are giving customers what they want. The new casino software has been bought to Big Fish in conjunction with a company called Betable, and their CEO is Christopher Griffin and he had the following to say. He said, “Betable is the only platform capable of enabling developers to offer the social experience of a casino on mobile devices and we are ecstatic that Big Fish is rolling out another game with multi player capabilities. By bringing social elements to casino games Big Fish has become a leader in the real money play opportunity on mobile.”

Big Fish really have become a leader in the real money market on mobile platforms. The synchronous roulette game is currently available on a host of different platforms, including iPhones, iPads and the latest iPad Touch and is well worth a try if you love playing one of the worlds most famous casino games.



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