Lucky Slots Player Wins Big At Lucky Club Casino – Not Once But Twice!

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

Online casinos provide their customers a vast array of different games to play, with roulette and blackjack being two of the most popular table games. Slots however continue to lead the way as they are fast paced and action packed and offer players the chance to win big in a short space of time. One lucky punter did exactly that at the weekend, but instead of celebrating one win he celebrated two in the space of 48 hours at his favourite online casino.

The player simply known as Cedric M was playing his favourite slots at Lucky Club Casino when his winning run started. On Friday evening he had won $18,000 and by Sunday evening he had upped that to $26,000. He said, “I suppose I should have just quit on Friday night. $18,000 ain’t too shabby. But sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling. My gut told me I was starting a winning streak and it turned out to be right!”

Asked what he planned to do with his winnings Cedric said, “There’s still lots of summer left for a few relaxing days. Before we go anywhere though, I’m going to throw the biggest barbecue party this neighbourhood has ever seen!”

Alex Hunter is the Manager at Lucky Club Casino and he and his staff are “really excited” for Cedric. He said, “Cedric is one of our VIP players and is well known to most of our staff. We’re all really excited for him and his family!”

Many online casino players would have no doubt quit on the Friday evening when they were well ahead, but not Cedric, as it just goes to show if you feel lucky there is no stopping what you may win. Lucky Club Casino has a host of slots on offer, including Monster Millions, their progressive slot, which currently has a jackpot that stands at well over $1million. Perhaps with Cedric’s winning streak he may well hit that one this weekend too!