Latest Bid is Rejected for the New Casino

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Casino bid denied for another tribe in the area.

Scott Walker is the one that rejects the newest Menominee bid for the Kenosha Casino that is being sought after this year. This is one of the casinos in the area that has been under debate for quite some time and many people have came out and looked at it, but none of them have actually made a move when it came to putting down their money. The one person that did come, a tribe, that put down their money and made an offer for the casino was the one bid that was denied of being able to have the casino.

The Details 

The governor states that if they accept this bid, it can create a problem with not only the other tribes that are doing business in the area but also for the tax payers that might have to pay even more money in the process to get this going. This is not something that the governor wants for the state. They are trying to get the casino out there and offered as best as they can for when the time comes, which is a big consideration to make.

The Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs has approved this casino, but they do not feel that putting the two tribes together and then having them fight over the customers that come to each one would be ideal. Since there was already a deal standing with the Potawatomi Tribe, there is not much that they can do when it comes to accepting the offer from the other tribe that was ready to purchase the Kenosha Casino from the state. They want to keep things as smooth for the state and the area as possible, even if that means keeping the casino on the market for a bit longer.

If you have been waiting to hear about the casinos in the area and where they stand, then you now know what is going on with this casino and where they stand. As for the other ones, they are still out there swimming and keeping their heads up above water which is more than we can say about this one.