Las Vegas Tops 40 Million Visitors this Year

Las Vegas Tops 40 Million Visitors this Year

Staff Writer
December 23, 2014

Las Vegas has finally topped 40 million visitors this year. It was thought this pinnacle would be reached within the last two years, but it actually declined from 2012. That year 39.7 million people came to the gambling Mecca of America. The data used for this calculation includes over night stays, but excludes day-trippers. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority worked closely with hotels and resorts to cull these numbers. The announcement was delivered with great pride on Wednesday, December 17th by an official of the Authority. Each month through October of 2014 had more visitors than last year.

There will be random giveaways marking this milestone to unwitting tourists. These will include suite upgrades, beauty makeovers, and dining and thrill experiences. The prizes will be offered by local celebrities, such as Penn and Teller, Carrot Top, and Claire Sinclair.

Las Vegas has a storied history, and has evolved and changed to suit projected markets throughout the years. Once considered the playground for Los Angeles, the city pulls in people from around the world. The growth of the city parallels the growth of this entertainment industry. The population of Clark County in 1950 was 48,000, and is now over 2 million residents. For some time, two thirds of the visitors were from southern California, but that number has declined, as other markets expanded.

The international market is now about twenty percent of the total influx throughout the year. There is a goal set for reaching thirty percent, highlighting on populace from China, India, and Brazil, which are all showing strong middle class growth. The authority is working with the airline and travel industries to promote non-stop flights, or itineraries with a single connection. The convention business is a mainstay, and is only expanding. The gaming industry takes first hits during times like the latest recession, and booms throughout strong economic times. Casino heavy locations like Las Vegas and Atlantic City must also find the equation for drawing tourists as more casinos open nationwide. The fact is, though, that Las Vegas has, does, and will continue to succeed.



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