Is Bet365 Casino The Place To Be If You Want To Win Big?

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

Internet gaming, online casinos and land based casinos are fighting a constant battle to stay afloat these days. In the last week alone internet poker site Fortune Poker closed its doors for good and Revel Casino in Atlantic City filed for bankruptcy after reporting loses for 2012 of $110 million. It is not all doom and gloom in the world of internet gaming though, in fact the industry is flourishing as more and more people are celebrating big wins, and if you want to win big it appears as though Bet365 is the place to be.

Already this month a Bet365 Casino player known as Steven M has won a whopping £101,705 playing the progressive slots. Bet365 Casino seems the place to be right now for all you internet gamers out there, because in the last few weeks five more of their players have won big money on their great slot machines. One winner simply known as Graham P was lucky enough to win £445,854 on the slot game Golden Rally, while another player, NM, received $280,000 playing Caribbean Stud Poker.

Michael K was another big winner winning €82,783 on Wall Street, while a player known as Anna won 1,067,633kr also on the game Wall Street. The fifth lucky winner was Erik who won $93,071 playing Magic Slots.

Online gaming companies receive a lot of criticism and bad press. Some of the criticism may be justified and some may not, but it is good to hear of players winning large sums of money whilst playing real money games and it is something that should be publicised more, especially if companies want to increase the numbers of real money customers.

Well done to all those big winners, and those that wish to remain anonymous. It just goes to show you can win big whilst playing your favourite casino games and slot machines whilst at home, and who knows you may be the next big winner.