Internet Gambling “Raise” in Atlantic City

Internet Gambling “Raise” in Atlantic City

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April 10, 2012

New Jersey is looking to expand into online gambling as Atlantic City is set to introduce computer servers to their casinos to commence operation of Internet gambling.

In the past week, an expanded measure was passed within the state Senate committee that would allow for online wages to take place within the State of New Jersey. This would not be limited to state residents, as it also entitles gamblers from across the country as well as the globe the opportunity to participate in the online gambling.

Governor Christie has also hinted at his approval and signature of the revised measure. In recent months there has been much continued debate and reasoning over the Department of Justice’s interpretation of online gambling laws, which has begun paving the re-introduction of online poker. Whilst there has been much push towards legalizing online gambling once again, those who oppose it are going in strong, citing that online gambling and wagering is still one of the most addictive forms of gambling out there in the world today.

Despite the passing of the Inter-gambling bill in Legislature last year, Christie had vetoed it, concerned that the lack of regulation would lead to more problems and an eventual downfall of the bill.

Senator Raymond Lesniak (D., Union) who acted as the chief sponsor is also behind another senate bill that is hoping to push forward with allowing sports betting to take place in Atlantic City Casinos. Gov. Christie was also touted to sign this new version, with Sen. Lesniak pinning his hopes on the governor’s support.

“Not just because we've overcome the legal impediments, but also because it will give a much-needed boost to Atlantic City and create jobs there,” Lesniak said.

The Department of Justice released a revised memorandum in December which reversed the long standing internet gambling ban, stating that the Wire Act 1961 applied only to sports betting and it was incorrectly applied to online gambling as a result. This has paved the way for huge implications as a result of the turnaround, with the department and many casino and gambling bodies considering it illegal for a long time prior.

Lesniak has also raised concerns over whether or not the New Jersey Constitution needs to be amended to enable internet gambling.

“The argument the state constitution does not preclude the activity has since been bolstered by Temple Law School and Seton Hall Law School constitutional law experts,” he said. “It's also been my opinion, as long as it's done from servers located in Atlantic City and that no organized Internet gaming activities could be conducted outside Atlantic City.”

Whilst there is still concern over what direction will be taken in the light of Internet Gambling, Division director David Rebuck stated that concerned citizens should “Be assured that we will continue to perform at the highest level to ensure that gaming in New Jersey is conducted in strict conformance with the regulations.”

Atlantic City has injected over $1.6 billion into the gaming the revenue since 2006 during the introduction of the first casinos. The proposed introduction of internet gambling is estimated to generate an additional $210 to $250 million in revenue for the first year as well as create over 2,000 jobs within the state of New Jersey.




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