Gaming Standings Association Announce Ten New Members

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) have today announced that the online casino software supplier Playtech have been awarded platinum status, the first online gaming company whose primary business is online gaming to receive such a status, with nine other companies joining the GSA too.

As part of their new platinum status award Playtech will now join six new silver GSA members and three bronze GSA members and oversee and administer development and industry standards in the world of online gaming.

President of the GSA Peter DeRaedt had this to say regarding the announcement of Playtech earlier today. He said, “Playtech joining the association will be the driving force behind supporting our strategic plan and ensuring the association’s continued relevance within the industry. As a platinum member, and with their vast experience and knowledge in the interactive gaming market, Playtech will take a leadership role in our Online Gaming Committee (OGC).”

With regard to the addition of the nine other new gaming company’s Mr DeRaedt said, “They speak to the core of what GSA is all about, an association of companies who are diverse in mission and in location, who have come together for a common purpose, to collaborate on the creation of open standards that make the gaming industry better.”

In response to Mr DeRaedt’s statement the Chief Operating Officer at Playtech Shay Segev said, “The firm’s experience in the industry will allow us to contribute tremendously to the development of gaming standards. The addition to GSA will also allow us to enhance our open platform functionality and ensure unification across providers’ offerings that will enable endless possibilities in terms of content integration. Such amalgamation will simplify both operators and regulators’ needs industry wide.”