Bookmakers And Gaming Giant Betfred Confident New Royal Baby Will Be Called Alexandra

Bookmakers And Gaming Giant Betfred Confident New Royal Baby Will Be Called Alexandra

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July 15, 2013

Betfred are well known for their sports betting and online casinos, and they are in fact now one of the leading companies in the UK. They are constantly looking at new ways to introduce new players to their gaming sites and new punters to their sports betting sites and over the last few weeks they have come up with a real gem, but it has nothing to do with casinos and nothing to do with sports betting, it concerns the name of the new Royal baby which is due any day now.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton) are expecting their first child any day now and the odds compilers at Betfred have come up with a list of names for the new Royal addition. Mark Pearson of Betfred had this to say about the list of names. He said, “A baby girl has been the odds on favourite for a while, but in the last 24 hours all the money has been for Alexandra who is now the evens favourite after a right royal gamble.”

So according to Betfred and their punters the new Royal baby is going to be called Alexandra. One thing is for certain it appears as though it is going to be a girl as the leading boys names in the market are George and James, both of which are available at a great double figured price of 10/1. No gaming site or bookmaker in the world gives money away easily and they are right more times than they are wrong, and in this instance they are extremely confident that the new Prince or Princess of Cambridge will be a baby girl called Alexandra.

Here are the latest odds from Betfred on what the new Royal baby may be called. Alexandra even money, Charlotte 6/1, Elizabeth 8/1, Victoria 10/1, Diana 10/1, George 10/1, James 10/1, Alice 16/1, Mary 20/1, Eleanor 20/1 and Grace 25/1. We will not have long to wait to find out either as according to the bookmakers the new Royal arrival is expected in the next three days, well according to their odds it is anyway as the vast majority of them are offering just 11/4 that the baby will be born by Wednesday night with odds of 7/1 or higher available for the birth to occur after Wednesday.



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