Gamers In Derbyshire Town Help Raise £100,000 For Charity CHIPS

Gamers In Derbyshire Town Help Raise £100,000 For Charity CHIPS

Staff Writer
June 2, 2014

Here at Casinos Online we try and bring you a diverse range of news stories from around the world, no matter if it be news on the latest casino promotions or big jackpot winners. Today we bring you a feel good story from Ilkeston in Derbyshire as bingo players and gamers have raised more than £100,000 for the casino and gaming charity CHIPS.

Bingo players and gamers from Cashino branches and Beacon Bingo in Ilkeston raised the money over the course of the last year, money that goes to help young children who have severe mobility problems, and thanks to the latest huge sum of money another 17 children across the country will be receiving state of the art electric wheelchairs to help them get around.

Cashino and Beacon Bingo Marketing Manager Phil Gibbs was quick to praise the customers who played their part in raising the money as he had this to say to the Ilkeston Advertiser. He said, “CHIPS is a very worthy cause for our fund raising. The wheelchairs make such a difference to the lives of these young people, helping them become more mobile and do a lot of things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.”

Mr Gibbs went on to say, “It’s been a great effort by our staff and customers this year and hopefully our continued efforts will help to raise much needed funds for many more wheelchairs in the future.”

Linda Lindsay is the C0-founder of CHIPS was quick to praise the contributions from Cashino and Beacon Bingo is Ilkeston as she said, “Cashino and Beacon Bingo are two of our main fund raisers and were it not for them, these children wouldn’t have an opportunity to combat their disabilities with such a valuable resource. We are very grateful to those involved.”

The charity CHIPS has now raised well in excess of £1 million and presented over 400 wheelchairs to children across the country since they were first founded. Everyone who donated money during the last year should be applauded as today 17 more youngsters will be able to live a better life thanks to their new wheelchair.



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